Wednesday, April 7, 2010



i wanna go to schoooooooool, i wanna make moneeeyyy.. i wannt hang out with my boyyyyfriendd.. i wanna parrrttyyy!! stop being selfish time!!

for being the biggest twats on the planet!! plus, they're doing a show together. the fuck is that shit!! when i told my boyfriend he was like "who the fuck shit that idea out?!" i could not stop laughing. rihanna is so trashy. she tries to be this ill na na type deal but she's just stealing a little bit from everybody who is on top. kesha is just an uffie wannabe. i CANNOT WAIT til uffie drops her album to show her who's boss. nicki minaj.. uggghhhh.. she is just boobs and a butt saying shit no one listens to.. because if people did actually listen to it, no one would care.


hip hop royalty?! are you fucking kidding me right now?!

i have hives all over. i refuse to hang out with anyone. go away!! im itchy:(

okay new spot! decided to try it outtt with my cousin.. it's the one by winners, i forget what it's called.. but the girl made a bubble tea for a staff member before US!! it was two dudes, one girl. so the girl made a bubble tea for the guy.. then those two guys was juzz chillin.. one was watching tv.. WHAT ARE YOU DOING! it's not like there's nothing to be done, you could help the girl. then while we're waiting, the girl runs to the front to help other customers, and dude watches tv for a bit, and then he serves us.. damn bubble tea, why do you have to be so good!!

so close yet sooo farrrrrrrr..!!!

you stupid hoe!! stop trying to steal nate!! leave nate and serena alone!! wtf is your deal you lame-o?! WILL YOU GET YOUR OWN LIFE ALREADY?! gawd you're annoying. you need to get with chuck's mom, move to some far away island and never come back to the gg world ever again!!

stop blowing sand into my sneakers and face! thanks.

my day officially just ended.. and i'm tired and itchy!! i am sooo not looking forward to tomorrow. well the beginning at least.. i'm cuttin my hair tomorrow so goodbye rapunzel! helloooooo easy street. minus the working part. fuckfuckfuck. i need another job asap. help!! til tomorrow suckahs.


Larry said...

That Nicki Minaj can get it. All daaay. As for wheelchair Jimmy there, even his commercial blows. But yet it doesn't nearly blow as much as his music! *rimshot*

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention those chocolate covered strawberries *droool... and the cheap ass chocolate you got to cover them! I Love Food

syntifik said...

#1: EW EW EW.. you're lucky you inserted that degrassi joke.. you won me over!

#2: i love food too:)

Maribeth said...

fuck Kesha AAAAALLLLL DAAAAAY. how excited were you when 'pop the glock' was playing on gg? OMG twas AWESOME. so i finally caught up on gg, and wow does Jenny have some issues. i saw MVP: most valuable primate on tv the other night and Kevin Zegers or Damien was in it!
along with wind can i add that buses that make the sand blow up and fly into your face are whack.

syntifik said...

i know!! i hate her!! GG IS THE SHIIIIITTTTTTT!! jenny is totally lame.

that sand must come from the devil! the devil i say.

beeePod said...

Nicki Minaj is like.. a grody version of Lil Kim.

Which bubbletea place did you go to? I dont know why they take so freakin long on Pembina. They're so quick at Asia City. But I don't like it lol.

syntifik said...

the one on pembina!! i like asia city, i used to LOVE tea house.. but the person that owns tea house now is fucking up.. i know it's not tea house cuz they called it something else.. but yeah.. their bubble teas aren't as sweet/creamy anymore, and they take forever.. so fuck that shit. i like asia city cuz it tastes good.. i just wish they had the non slushy with ice cubes instead option.. STEP YOUR GAME UP ASIA CITY!!