Tuesday, April 20, 2010


my heart literally broke a little this morning when i found out about guru. RIP GURU, your music will live on forever!

with today being 4/20, i decided to change my playlist to music i like to bunn to. i hope you enjoy it as much as i will today! & i also hope everyone has a good 4/20. i'm not sure how many of my readers are pot smokers or not.. but for today's choose-day, i decided to ask you..


now i'm going to turn up my speakers, grab all my munchies, and zoooooone. i'll make another post later on, but til then.. i'll see you under the sun:) and if there's any songs that you like blazing to, that i've missed, throw 'em down, i'd love to hear 'em!


Anonymous said...

fuck ya it should

Nguyen-XO said...

Love your blog, and funny because I live in the netherlands and.. weed is forsure legal here hahaha!

syntifik said...

#1: (Y)

labels: thanks !! juzz checked urs.. dopeness! legal weed?! sounds like such a fucking dream right now..!

Anonymous said...

No waay they should regulate marijuana. Then everything would just get out of control. Everybody would be either too mellow or too fucked up to do anything lol. I can see it now, parents will be smoking it in front of their little ones hahah probably not but I'm sure they'll have some restrictions and regulations and then they will be more strict to sticking to those regulations. Legalizing it would set off all the Dwight Schrutes of the world! Lol! So if marijuana is legalized then what next?

- jaaanet

syntifik said...

after it's legalized then, that's it. stop! haha.
what if they did like half smoking, half alcohol laws.. can't smoke it inside.. if you're found driving under the influence you get penalized (even though alcohol is more toxic and addictive than weed).. plus it would reduce money to criminals! this is a deficit, we could use it! ;)

jHeffff said...

If they legalize Marijuana, they should ban.....fire. hahaha
or they should ban...munchies lol

syntifik said...

hahahah shut up jheff.. but since you said fire, i forgot how much i hate getting id'd for lighters.. like REALLY!? clearly there are bigger problems..!