Friday, April 16, 2010


joe budden could get it.

we enjoys the hip hops.

that right there ladies and germs.. would be pharoahe monch.

it's hard to get pictures .. he moved around a lot. lol

L's in the air, for Big L

right when slaughterhouse came on.. i was far from the stage:(

no worries, i know how to push.

joe budden on the speaker.. *sigh.

almost at the front..


bonjour monsieur ortiz!

budden was sick so he drank his appo juices.

beats & rhymes.

must be..

as close to joe budden..

as possible!

ahhh!! i love you!!


lol.. clearly budden is my favs.


"ye he sleepy."

royce too sick.

can i have a drag.. lol



ortiz loves the jack daniels.


check that slaughterhouse tattoo.. dedication my friends, dedication.

simon says, nice to meet you..

.. and then my camera died. LOL!

.. wellls! i know this is some what of a late post.. but i've been allergy proned, in the hospital and shit so fuck off. it's here, so chill out.
i got there and only one bar was open.. thanks to everyone who bought me beer, i didn't realize anyone bought me beer.. but some how i attained like 7 beers and only spent $5. so thanks..! opening dj was legit. i thoroughly enjoyed it.. minus that 50 cent. UGH! can i ever go anywhere without hearing wack shit!? i wait for the day.
the crowd was interesting.. there were literally ten girls there. the man to woman ratio.. wow. brutal. i also received the "you here with your boyfriend?!" comment. i fucking hate that shit. LISTEN HERE PEOPLE, i've loved hip hop forever, and will continue to love hip hop forever, BEFORE MY FUCKING BOYFRIEND, so eat me fuckers. girls can like hip hop too!! .. but only cool ones do.
everyone (and by everyone, i mean all these dudes) were like 5'11 at the shortest.. me standing at 5'6 was out-shined. mother fucker ! i felt so small:( tall dudes was everywhere!! monch hit the stage at around 12ish?! AND HOLY FUCK.. i usually try and get to the stage before the artist hits the stage, so i have a good spot.. but the stage was crawling with towering men, and i had no spot.. my boyfriend some how wedged me to the stage.. but honestly.. dudes don't give a fuck about you when it comes to music. they could give a fuck if you're a pregnant 50 year old, they will let you know they have elbows. they were giving me heated grills like crazzy.. and my ribs were getting rammed into the stage.. pyramid figured some how that placing a banner for a radio station around the stage would kind of separate people from crawling on to the stage.. but that was a fail. i took a few elbows and shoulders to the face and it was brutal.. but also worth it.. TO HEAR SIMON SAYS LIVE!!
vodka was flying, i was soaking wet with spilling alcohol, sweat from jerks, and taking body shots like a failed boxer.. but that energy.. that energy was ridiculous. i never really complain about getting hit and shit during a show if it's by the right people.. if you're there to just fucking hit me, then i don't care how small i am, i will throw an elbow to your fucking jaw too.. but if you're there and you actually love the music.. and you're not throwing elbows, it's just good fucking music flowing through you.. then go for it. there were a few fucking dudes who were just high on some shit.. that was annoying.. but the majority of the crowd was real, so i can appreciate that. if you're going to be at the front of the stage, make sure you can lyric drop.. otherwise i'm taking your spot.
pharoahe's energy was ridiculous. i swear he must've had four fucking red bulls straight because he did not stop.. he did an accapella too which was cool.. and he shouted out a lot of peaced, so that was cool too. his back up singer was fucking soulful as shit.. and he was really cool too. after the show i met up with him, and he was really bashful. i was like "you are one fucking soulful fuck." and he replied with "aw thanks, but there's far better than me." kudos my man. kudos.
when slaughterhouse hit the stage, the place exploded. there was this thugged out girl who towered over me, and i'm like shit.. once i bump into her, it's over. i could not take this girl. she was like 5'11, fully tattooed, ready to hurt a dude. and dudes kept ramming me into her..! she was grilling me hard, so i said "hey real hip hop lives at the front".. that comment couldve gotten me killed.. but she laughed and let me go in front of her. thanks ma.
joell ortiz was funny as fuck. WHAT AN ENTERTAINER! royce da 5 9 was ill too (no rock city!).. crooked I didn't show up.. BUT JOE BUDDEN! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! he was either extremely sick.. or really, really zoned. actually fuck that, let's not be silly.. he was both. BUT TO SEE BUDDEN LIVE.. i did it. i fucking did it. hope you got to sleep early budden.. ! sick as fuck or not, slaughterhouse was fucking amazing.. they did not skip out on shit. they performed very well.. energy was legit, fan-fucking-tastic. their performance was easily comparable with their album.. but even better because shit was live. they have a dope bond.. and joked around with each other.. at one point budden took jokes at joell ortiz because he was air humping the dj table. shit was fucking comical and worth the money.
i think the biggest downer of the night was the sound problems.. it wasn't loud enough.. but that didn't really effect me because i was at the stage in front of a speaker, so it couldn't really get any louder for me..!
if you slept on this show, regret it now. 4.5/5

here's some video clips from my shitty camera.

.. and i dunno why my blog is only showing one entry on the front page. i tried looking through to see if i had any html that wasn't closed.. but i can't find any.. so, sorry?