Tuesday, April 27, 2010


MY BAD. i haven't blogged since thursday, and in bloggin time, that's light years.. life has just been too crazy!! my allergies have been kicking my ass.. and so has the weekend! i'm working my ass off and plan to keep working my ass off for the rest of the summer, whilst partying fucking hard.. once my allergies are gone that is. i think i've seen a total of one thousand doctors this month and not one of them have had an ABSOLUTE answer for what's causing this shit. i've been to two hospitals, taking fifteen pills a fucking day, plus two other prescriptions.. and i have two new ones to try out. YAY!

in brighter news, i've made it to my computer today on a fine tuesday night.. to mention a few things.. number one being, I LOVE KRISTIN CAVALLARI! omg lady. you are the shit. serious to life, she is one fucking bomb ass girl. team kristin forever.

number two being thoughts on tumblr. i've had a few people asking me to switch over from blogspot to tumblr, and i just haven't made the decision. it took me almost five months to make the big jump from lj to blogspot.. that's some shit.. i've been blogging since i was 14!! so parting from something is hard.. i like all my shit organized and in one spot, so when i want to look back, it's easy.
anyway, i really dig tumblr, it seems easy to manage, and that more people have it./ however, it's more for "inspiration". i've based this blog on the exact opposite. i try and make my blog more like it's definition. my journal, in a public sense. i try to write as much as possible to keep going.. if i'm not writing on paper, hey, at least i have my blog.. and that's my biggest thing with tumblr.. there's not a lot of writing on it as oppose to a quote, or a picture. i like that shit too, but i fear if i get one that i'll lose the motivation to actually blog.
i feel almost as if people are getting lazy to blog. with every new internet thing that pops up, it's almost like a short cut. well.. i guess in a sense, that is what the internet is. a short cut. so how do we differentiate between laziness and powerful shit!? it's a doozy.
i'm still an avid blog cruiser. i take the time to look at different blogs because i find people interesting. i don't really read blogs that talk about things not related to the person because to me, that isn't a blog. that's half the reason i don't read kanye's blog. no diss to him, i love kanye, i just don't find his blog interesting, to me. i loove cudi's blog. that dude is fucking comical.. and he puts time into his entries which is relatable on a level that makes you feel exactly what dude typed.. so.. with all that being said.. my question to you today is this..



beeePod said...

What's Wack Wednesdays make a blog good. OMG it's Wednesday today! ;)
OMG I'm so tired. I was up talking Maribeth looking at awezum Republic Nightclub pictures. Did you see your message yet?! We nearly died when we saw that hahahaha


syntifik said...

you two are fucking comical.

we had quite a lengthy convo today. kudos to you for making my clock go faster.

Anonymous said...

i feel like 90% of people on tumblr are asian and from california. at least you got one of those things going for you?

and yeah, there is a bigger crowd on tumblr, but people on tumblr don't blog like you do! they re-quote others, and usally lack orginality.

you wouldn't fit into that mold. i love how your blog is, and i'm afraid you might change if you were to join tumblr.

well, as a regular anonymous commenter, how am i gonna comment on your blog if you're on tumblr?! there's no place for me to comment annonymously on tumblr.

oh and to answer your question, what makes a blog "good" is regularly updating, responding to viewers, keeping up with current events, and sticking to it's roots (like not being a sell-out and blog about exactly what everyone else is bloggin' about). but i think you got those all covered.

syntifik said...

i dunno how to respond to all of that, so i'll just say thank you! thank you very much

jheff said...

I have never seen a good blog before so i don't know...

jheffjheffjheff said...

^just joking.
I think acknowledging your readers makes it good. Like when you ask us questions and shit. Or when you talk about everyday normal things. The hip Hop posts are cool but they're harder to comment on, for me at least.

I gotta look up this "tumblr".

syntifik said...

haha thanks jheff.