Sunday, April 4, 2010


yo yo yo welcome to the illest blog on the planet! i don't take things from kanye's blog, i don't bore you with tips, i don't copy everyone i see on the internet, and i'm pretty much just awesome, so let's blog!
i didn't receive any questions this week for syntifik sunday, so i have nothing to answer today.. AW RATS. maybe people don't like me as much as i'd like to think they do. i am so tiiired.. but i just walked in the door and said "sorry baby, gotta blog" LOL. priorities people, they're called priorities. so it's easter.. and i didn't get any chocolate this year.. :( my sister used to pack these little gift bags filled with treats and cool shit.. sister stuff! like make up and stuff! when i stopped living with my sister and started living with my brother, he used to hide chocolate around! now that i live by myself.. i gets no chocolate:( i was a sad camper.. HOWEVER i did get a monster java energy drink! SHIT IS CRACK!

today my cousin, boyfriend and i went to shoppers and spent money on shit we didn't need. i dropped a good $50 at shoppers drug mart after bragging about how i spent very little money this weekend. after purchasing a pack of smokes i am officially broke. i have like $20 to last me til thursday.. oh shit, next thursday.. LOL.. fuck me.
MY BOYFRIEND LEAVES AT THE END OF THIS MONTH! SO LET'S START RAGING BIANCA!! just kidding.. i am really sad. he brought it up today and i was like "OH FUCK! ITS APRIL!?!!!@ you're leaving me!?!" type deal./ so how do you and this toronto kid keep this long distance relationship up you ask!? patience, A LOT of fucking patience. it is going to be very brutal having to say goodbye so i'm trying to make these last few weeks last.. on a budget. ahahaha. p.s. thanks for everything you did today, biggest thing in my iddy biddy world. xoxo niggs.
friday was good eats + eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.. if you have not seen it yet, you gots to! it is one of my favorite movies.. plus if you're lifted it's even better. saturday was movie night. watched crash and goodfellas. i forgot how intense crash was.. it really makes you think how your actions travel.. and goodfellas is always a ballin time. "can i have money to go shopping?!" "how much you need?!" WHERE ARE ALL THESE MEN!? well kinda. i made a strong effort to no longer date drug dealers. those relationships didn't really work.. out.. too.. yeah.
it's fucking nice out though.. so that's kind of cool.
this dog came up to me outside whilst having a cigarette.. about four hours later in another different location, we saw it again.. so we turned it in to animal services. i am secretly hoping the owners ask for my info and give me a reward cuz i am broke.. lol.. SELFISH FEEL GOOD DEEDS!! ARE THERE ANY OTHER!? before you judge me, i could've sold the dog, but i felt as though the dog deserves to go home! see.. i really am a nice person!
i am sick of being thick! &every time i eat, i think about it, but then i just shove the thought out. i am trying not to shove the thought out :( the weather is nice so i'm trying to get my early schedule back on track.. but it's hard as fuck with the load getting big again.
i wanna be rich so fucking bad.. WHY DO MY LOTTERY TICKETS KEEP LOSING?! i bought two scratch tickets this week, which is rare for me.. i'm alls about the 649/lottomax.. but both lost.. not even a free ticket! son of a bitch. i won five bucks on my 649 and bought a lottomax that i haven't checked yet. if that shit is a winner this is my last blog entry. joking. if i win, you can expect MY OWN DOMAIN! & those stickers to finally get printed. ahahah. boo botcho boo.
tomorrow is mixtape monday and i have no freaking idea what i'm going to do yet. i'm trying to go to class early so i'll have time to write it.. or i'll end up juzz not going to class at all! i say that because of the thought.. i really want to go ahaha.. i'm such a fucker!
i need groceries. HELP ME OUT LOTTOMAX.
it's always old people that play the lottery.. like seriously! what living do those fucks have to do!? they're just gonna spend like 1/8th of it and then die.. without having done anything cool with their cash.. so yo life! let me win fuck! i'm young! i got a lot of fucking living to do fuck! i wanna take champagne showers and pimp my garden up with gold roses and swans.
now ask me something fuck. these sundays are really getting hard.

mothahh fuckahhh i'm full.