Thursday, April 22, 2010


with the passing of both guru and nujabes, i figured it was best to do todays throwback on them.

the illness behind samurai champloo.. if that doesn't say enough, i don't know what will. i found out about nujabes really late.. almost two weeks after he passed.. which is hard to believe, being that he is such an amazing hip hop producer... but his news didn't make it to english news quick.. i'm hearing he has a lot of things he hasn't released, and it will be coming out this year.. which is definitely something to look forward to! so keep a look out.

i literally wrote down a guru quote hours before he passed.. which was a trip. when i heard he was in a coma, i figured, he'd break out of it.. so it was still a surprise. what's gang starr without guru!! & today on the radio, when reading about gangstarr's death, the dj said "militia" as "mill-uh-tee-uh"... it should be "MILL-ISH-A!".. it hurts my soul to hear things like that!
recognize good music, gang starr's flow was an illness on another level! i happened to read the letter about premier, not sure whether i believe in it or not.. but it doesn't matter. all that matters is that the man made great music, and that music should be heard. so listen.

imagine a nujabes beat with guru's flow on it.. now that's heaven.

also.. since i've been getting asked about songs from my playlist.. i've decided to leave you with the songs that i've used each month.. i'll start at the beginning of the month.. but i'll post the three lists of songs now, cause i've used three playlists since the beginning of march or some shit.. so here you go!

kid cudi - pursuit of happiness
snoop dogg, cudi - that tree
david guetta, cudi - memories
dan black, cudi - symphonies
cudi - alive
cudi - super boo
land of the loops - multi-family garage sale
cypress hill - dr. green thumb
the beatles - lucy in the sky with diamonds
people under the stairs - acid raindrops
kanye west - addiction
sublime - santeria
steelers wheel - stuck in the middle with you
bone thugs n harmony - weed song
bone thugs n harmony - smoking buddah
bob marley - jamming
bob marley - stir it up

jedi mind tricks - razorblade salvation
canibus - channel zero
mos def - travellin man
epmd - da joint
jeru the damaja - ya playing yourself
jean grae - it's still a love song
epmd - crossover
cru - just another case
hobo junction - da real deal
jurassic 5 - freedom
binary star - masters of the universe
souls of mischief - never no more
gang starr - mass appeal
ATCQ - excursions
ras kass - won't catch me runnin

guru tribute
quasimoto - boom music
blu & exile - my world is
trends of culture - off & on
digital underground - way we swing
gang starr - above the clouds
cudi - i do my thing
ayentee - breaking up with money
cudi - cleveland
torae & marco polo - hold up
ayomari - so called twenties
luciana - i like that
luciana - bigger than big
ayomari - day by day
slaughterhouse - the one

you're welcome.