Wednesday, April 28, 2010


.. and i know of some things that be wack and shit.

HEY! i came up with a lot of things for today this week AND i remembered to write them all down. so enough with the yakkedy yack, here's what's wack.

i love when girls get boob jobs, then in their outfits they have no cleavage.. cause like either their boobs are too far apart, or they're super high at like their shoulders. i don't mind boob jobs, as long as you're doing it for yourself.. but when you're doing it so you can be a hoe, mother fucker you deserve that shit.

she's still a fucking hoe. FUCK OFF JENNY! WILL YOU JUST LEAVE THE CITY ALREADY?! what is your fucking deal! honestly! you don't know shit! you're just a horny slut without any friends. i hate you!!

girls who think i want their boyfriend. PLEASE. stop. i do not want your shit. so please stop eye'ing me like you're going to beat me down with your eyeballs. I HAVE A BOYFRIEND. & i am absolutely fully 500% committed to him right now. I FUCKING HATE GIRLS@!!! LEAVE ME ALONE.

stop talking shit about kristin. talk to her if you wanna say something. she's too ill na na for you guys. i used to love all three of you, but if you're not being straight up with kristin, you deserve to be cussed off. YUP.


i understand everyone has an opinion. everyone sees something a certain way, and that's their shit. i enjoy myself a good debate every now and then.. but when it comes to a certain point, it is time to realize that you are not going to change what the other person thinks. it's time to let that shit go and realize that hey.. what you think is what you think, what the other person thinks is what the other person thinks. LET IT GO. arguments that last for a month are childish. we're grown people. we're grown./

when you're in line anywhere, and the person ahead of you whips out this change purse.. with a billion other things in it, to count out their amount in change so they can receive an equal amount. i especially hate this when their total is like 9.98. they're like whipping out these cards, and garbage from their coin purse to find enough coins to equal 98 cents.. LIKE REALLY PEOPLE!? you do realize you're going to get two pennies back, is that really worth keeping me from getting to the front of the line!? if you have change fine, but at least have that shit out instead of digging for it for five hours. "okay.. and that's 98 cents! .. and i think i have a coupon here somewhere.." FUCK ME.

i travel quite a bit compared to the regular person, so i've had my share of plane rides.. and i HAAAAAAAAAAATTTEEE when you land, and everybody gets up like there's a fire. THE CAPTAIN CLEARLY SAYS STAY SEATED TIL THE PLANE IS STOPPED.. and all this rushing just makes shit go even slower..!! like hello, these aisles are big enough for a single file line, you're not going to pass anybody, so just fucking wait your fucking turn.. OH!! and then, these rushing assholes get off the plane, and they stand infront of the fucking doorway to wait for their friend, or family. REALLY?! can you not wait at baggage claim, or at least move to the side?! you nearly trampled me, and my carry on, to block my way some more.

NO $$$$
isn't it annoying when you have all this cash, and you go shopping and buy nothing.. then when you have no cash, you see something you've wanted for a long time, and it's the last one.. and when you get cash to go get it, it isn't there anymore. this always happens to me. i always find something i want when i don't have money. yeah. that's wack.



jheffrey p said...

Don't hate on boobs now...they never hurt anyone...oh wait maybe they have...

Maybe those girls don't know you have a boyfriend?!? But im not backing them up, im totally on your side...bitches be crazy these days...

In the grand scheme of things, people are agreeing to keep disagreeing and debating...does that make sense?

lol i remember one comedian talk about change...
Cashier: "total is $9.98"
Person : "ok so here's 2 cents.."
Cashier: ".....?"

Man i need to travel more...

Wet socks bug me. eeeeww.

syntifik said...

i need a shirt that says "bitches be crazy".
wet socks bug me too. wet anything for that matter.. these days anyway, due to allergies haha. wet hair makes me itchy :(

beeePod said...

How did I not comment on this? It's a freakin Wednesday post. I'm gonna look back at your Wednesday posts and comment if I haven't LOL. Such a hard worker ehhh.

Change at checkout!? I haaaate that. Like mooove along, PLEASE. It's annoying when I'm behind the counter, waiting for them to count it. Like, really? Just gimme your debit card or something. Fack. Or get outta line so you can count that shit.

I don't mind boob jobs. I've thought about it actually. But anyway, why does it make me think of like... oozing gel? Crystallized gel? I don't even know how to explain it. I'm nuts right now ahahaha

syntifik said...

i feel the same way when i'm behind the counter, i usually say "throw it down and i'll help count" cuz i'm a fast counter. ahahha. i should put that on my resume "botch.. skills - fast counter"

no boob jobs for you!!

beeePod said...

CLEARLY... I'm working really hard right now.
HAHAHAHA I lol'd at the resume part. AHAHAHAHA

syntifik said...

some corporate guy: "well it's narrowed down to these two, bill. this guy has a very impressive achievements list, including harvard.. but this botch girl, well.. geeze bill, a fast counter..! what do you think?"
bill: "do you really have to ask?!"