Friday, April 9, 2010


my body is certainly playing tricks on me. i don't feel great. i'm basically stuck between doctors being like "i dunno what it is, do this".. but their "do this"'s.. DONT WORK. so fuccckkkk itttttt..! i'll just "wait". it's friday and i look like shit, i don't want anyone to see me.. so i'm in hiding.. at least i have nice hair?! hahaha anyway, photo friday, here are some pics from my phone.. i've actually been doing real good with the random picture taking! thanks blackberry!


i make the foods for my boyfrans.

i take a lot of food pictures :S

lunch break! ya ya ya!

it's a hockey time!

red lights and sin city morning fog

hi chloe:)


nothin better.

horny kiara bum fucking stuffed animals.


what should be our car cds today ladies and germs!?

i watch tfc when i don't have to :(

waiting. waiting. doctors. doctors.

poor pharmacy technicians.. i feel sorry for them having to read doctor's notes like theseeee..

this doctor was MUCH neater.

another hospital bracelet to add the collection! i'll never beat my cousin jamie, but i'm up to the challenge. just kidding. i want the both of us to be healthy always! lol & NO WORRIES PEOPLE! i'm fine!!

i watched the diary of justin bieber.. and liked it! hahahaha. what was with him being all princess when the bar hit his arm?! omg.. diva.. but when he went to the window to sing to the fans that couldn't get in.. if that shit is not for the cameras, that is certainly admirable.
so big shout out to my sister, for helping me out yesterday and today, and making me laugh in crappy situations.. even if you made fun of me!! to my boyfriend for loving me regardless of how swollen and mean i am! to chris for googling things to help me out! for my cousin for taking me to the doctors and forcing vast amounts of water into me! & to everyone else who put up with my mood swings, childish ways, anger, crying, and self-pity.. you definitely helped me out these past three days.. SO THANK YOU!
i'm going to continue to hide now.. see you people when i'm all.. or even half better!@! bye people!


Anonymous said...

omg. i watch tfc when i dont have to also. lol and i kinda have to make sure no one is around so they don't question why i watch it... when i don't understand a word of it.

Anonymous said...

Why are you always sick!!!

syntifik said...

#1: lol i know right!! no matter how lame i think it is, and how corny.. and i make fun of it all the time!! i watch it :( at least now i know im not alone.

#2: i dunno.. it seems like god has it out for me these days!

jHeff said... love tfc

and maybe you have Bieber fever. Obviously the "doctors" don't know that; they ain't hip. This disease has gone global my friend. God help us. Not me though, I'm solid.

Ryan said...

LOLL!!! tfc!?!!!! REALLY!!!?

syntifik said...

jheff: i kind of secretly sometimes do! i wouldn't be surprised if i caught the bieber fever.. it would make sense!! give me a shot of ur blood so i can cure myself.