Sunday, April 11, 2010



so i have no money and can't work, which means no money.. i'm itchy as fuck and poor as fuck.. and life basically sucks!! but on the bright side.. i've received a lot of questions for syntifik sunday, so thanks people! AND HEY! happy birthday maribeth!! anyway, here's what you asked me this week..


What's your favorite type of flower?
i like all flowers!! but i really enjoy spidermums! and lilys! and roses!

Would you rather work at a large company or a small one?
LARGE! i would love to work for married to the mob.. that's a high dream.. but i would love it.

do you like turtles?
of course!! who doesnt like turtles?!

What's your nationality? Religion?
i'm half white (french, ukrainian), and half filipino.. & i'm catholic.. but not one of those "go to church every sunday" type catholics.. i believe in god though.

What's the best place near you to get some ice cream?
laura secord! what do you know about that superkid ice cream!!

where did you meet your boyfriend?
the boyfriend eh?! i came to toronto for school and that's where i met him.. more specific?! downtown toronto, pemrboke and dundas.. and he asked me to go to hip hop karaoke with him.. i said yes.. and from then on there we were an item!

What was your favorite year?
2005.. and 1994.

Would you rather be a famous musician or a famous actor?
musician because then i'd get the whole stage thing. i love energy and i think that hearing a crowd loving what you think would be so fucking dope.

Who's your favorite musician?

Would you rather get up early or sleep late?
i LOVE getting up early, but only if i don't have to. i hate alarm clocks! but i really do enjoy getting an early day, as long as it's on my own time..!

If you could ask Barack Obama one question what would it be?
spare change?

Why do you hate malls so much?
a whole bunch of reasons.. i don't like how typically you have to "dress up" to go to the mall. i don't like how you get stared at if you're not fashionable. i don't like being smothered by a whole slur of people. i don't like how all clothes look the same, and cheap pieces of material cost an arm and a leg. i don't like how if i buy something from a mall, i'll look like everybody else. i try and stray away from the "typical" look. i wear things that don't match, look silly or just don't work because i enjoy things that i feel good in.. and for me, those pieces can rarely ever be found in a mall.

Where's your favorite place to buy clothes?
anywhere that's not in a mall.

can't wait to answer more questions next week.. thanks again for the interest!



Anonymous said...

What's your favourite colour?
What's your favourite dessert?
I can't think of anything else right now. I always look at your blog but I never comment. SORRY SORRY SORRYYY.. maybe cause I try and be sneaky when I read it at work? AHAHA so I close it asap.

So I'm commenting now.

- Bonibelle :)

syntifik said...

boo boner boo!!

i miss you..!