Monday, April 12, 2010



i have to be in a certain mood for ras kass.. that "ungh grimey" type mood. he's lucky, he caught me on a good day. this mixtape is a little different.. it's almost something along the lines of a greatest hits type deal.. it covers some of his best work.. which is something to get excited about. he's coming out with a new album soon.. unfortunately, i have no idea when, some time in spring.. but this does get me excited for the debut. i've been doing old mixtapes for the most part.. but i decided to do one that's kind of almost new because i saw pharoahe monch and joell ortiz on the track list.. and i'm seeing both of those dudes tomorrow!!
i started liking ras kass after hearing ordo abchao.. he had this line that went "the planet revolves, supposedly, man evolves.. but no problem is solved, cause man is the cause". if that shit doesn't hit you in the head, i dunno what will. after that, ras kass was officially good in my books.. however, that's not to say i listened to him daily.. i don't listen to him enough, and he deserves some light, so let's give him some.. with a title like "endangered lyricist", it's sure to grab a heads attention.
i'm not even sure if i wanna write about it.. i kind of feel like you should stop reading and just go download it right now. i'm streaming it cuz my boyfriend's playing madden.. so i can't tell what track's what, but i can tell you it's fucking dope..! i even dug up a download link for you. you're welcome. 4/5, it would've been higher, but soul on ice isn't on there.. and i really dislike amerikkka me.. go ahead and hate bitches, i fucking hate that song.. it's a thorough mixtape.. and it really gets you amped about kass again. go. grab it. go. now.


1. Waterproofus Emceeus (intro)
2. On Earth as It Is...
3. Whut Part of the Game?
4. Wake Up Show Anthem (1994)
- easily my favorite song on the tape, let the head bobbing begin!
5. Frost
6. Sonset
7. Amerikkka Me
- eh!
8. Remain Anonymous - gotta love that method man and slick rick sample!! fuck yeah bitch.
9. 125 Part 3 (Connections) "ufc on spike tv" made me lol.. "i'm on the death bed, wrote this on the bed spread.." me likey.
10. ADIDAS (interlude) - here, he just lets you know that adidas is dropping soon.. and he says who's on it.. and the list is fire.. chuck d, rza, jean grae, alchemist.. wow wow wow.. get antsy.
11. C What I C
12. B.I.B.L.E.
- "church" and "bitches" in the same sentence?! interesting.
13. Won't Catch Me Runnin - LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEE!!!! his cadence is so smooth.. let that good hip hop flow through you! from 1995.. this track goes hard! it's just so refreshing.
14. Happiness - this hook is annoying as fuck.. but the message is one to catch, so you end up listening.
15. Ebonic Plague
16. Come Widdit
17. TV Guide
18. The End

i swear, if anyone dares to mention the game, i'll shake my fist hard at you.


Anonymous said...

game won!

syntifik said...

*shakes fist.