Monday, April 19, 2010


i had a horrible day of being inside while everyone was at the park, or getting ice cream.. or tanning!.. yup. my allergies are still kicking my ass.. and so are the 15 pills i have to take a day. *gag. so sorry to everyone i was rude to today. i'm moody as shit! anyway, can't let the monday blues get in the way of a mixtape review.. hey, how ya doooiiinnnnn..

when it comes to hip hop instrumentals being "re-vamped" or even just sampled, i get a little nervous. every single hip hop beat ever made is just as important as the artist throwing down on it.. i wouldn't want flocka performing on a dilla beat. there's just no way..!
it's ridiculous how much attention dilla is getting, and some times i get a little irritated, like fuck.. don't ruin a good thing.. !! the roots are no strangers to paying homage to the man.. so this mixtape wasn't a surprise, til i listened. being friends of dilla, they certainly captured the essence of hip hop that no other person could.. you had to be close to dilla to capture his beats so amazingly well.. almost like they made this shit together. if you close your eyes, you can literally see ?uestlove talking to j, like "yo i could play this, let's try it". your body is over-whelmed with warmth and you don't wanna be cold.
it's hard for me to stress how important music is to me. i feel like no one gets what music does to me.. putting it into words never seems to put that emotion into perspective the way i'd like it to. a smile captured my mouth as soon as i hit the play button.. it hasn't left. simple as that. the live playing grabs some what of a depth that's refreshing in a new sense, with out that new shit.
dilla is so amazing to me because i feel like he doesn't have any beats where you need words. don't confuse that, i enjoy my pharcyde songs just like the next person.. but his beats are so well put together, that you can hear what's being said.. and that's the beauty of music.. being able to feel what the producer/artist put into that shit!
g'head and bob your head to this one.

so .. i'm officially super stoked to see the roots this year!!

.. i love my life as liz! totally scripted.. still love.


Lem said...

first =)

if you dig that, check out dice raws tribute...but in all honesty id rather just mellow out to the instrumentals the roots did.

p.s. getting my ticket for the roots today, JEALOUS??
luv ya bitch. i mean botch.

Anonymous said...

dammit, how do i add a link? fuck it. copy and paste it. lol

syntifik said...

i'm going to see the roots too, so shut your face!