Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Remember the days when hawaiians, and oompa lumpas, and avengers, and rayguns were the loves to a few? When common, and mos def, and tribe, and de la, were loves to a few? When hellz bellz, and married to the mob, and stussy, and supreme, were loves to a few? Remember when you found a hip hop head, and it was one of a few, so you said, "YOOOO, you like hip hop?! Who do you listen to?!". Remember when you had people who liked skateboarding OR comics. Now people say they have a "few" interests when their list be looking like "I'm really into movies, I'm a writer, I'm a hip hop head, I'm a sneaker head, I read all the time, I'm really good at video games, I read comics, I'm a skater, I like punk, and anything else that's cool and hipster that will make me look cool too". Remember when live journal held our inner most thoughts, and you thought for hours what should you call your lj cut.. well, for a few? Remember when bloggin' was actual bloggin, and this internet craze was a little less lazy and a little more creative, for a few? Lemme just take these few minutes to say that there's few too many posers, and only a few bloggers, and a few too many sneaker heads, and hipsters, and "hip hop heads", and yo.. sometimes I graze the internet and think "fuck this", even though I'll be back on it in a few.


JP said...

i like this very much. times have changed man. you had me at 'oompa lumpas' i totally YouTUbe'd Charlie and the Chocolate Factory best scenes.

syntifik said...

I was actually referring to the oompa lumpa sneakers, but I guess both scenarios work with this one.