Monday, April 4, 2011


Why is Nas third though?! WAMP! WHAT A TERRIFIC VERSE THOUGH! Save the best for last I suppose. Nothing crazy but a nice little get together with Queensbridge/NYC's most amazings. As soon as I saw this I freaked out, so maybe I amped it up a little too much before listening.. BUT, "You came home the same age you went in, mentality wise". OH HAY NAS! Can't deny that greatness. HAY! WELCOME HOME P! *jumping up and down* QUEENSBRIDGE~! QUUEEEENNSSSBRIDGE! This is one of those songs you smoke weed to. I don't smoke weed, but if I did, it would be to this bad boy. I'd probably need a bandana to wear whilst smoking.. and to be a little cooler.

- nicki's raggity line (lil kim diss), terrible.
- i haven't listened to all of "capcom"; it's not appealing to me, just yet.
- i want an air purifier, i think about it at least once a day.
- i haven't been to forever 21 yet, i'm too scared to go.
- mobb deep featuring nas? FINE BY ME I'LL SAY, fine. by. me.


Anonymous said...

A blogger with my taste in music. Dope. : )

syntifik said...

why thank you!!