Tuesday, April 19, 2011


.. is seriously making me feel real sad, man. Real sad. This was probably one of the best coachella's EVER.. and I missed it. Ugh, everyone stop showing me coachella stuff. I still don't get this whole Pierce Cruz biz. Pauly D signing to G-unit is outrageous. OUTRAGEOUS. My crush on Russell Brand continues. Where do you get crates? I want a few. I haven't seen Black Swan yet. I want a grey pea coat! I wish I had enough money to put in a money clip. Looks kinda silly with one fiver in there. TAX REFUND WHERE ARE YOU?

I spent my afternoon looking at this debating if I should clean it up or make hamburger helper.

It's not that I'm totally random, I just think really, really, fast.


Anonymous said...

Yeah watching some YouTube video stream of coachella just made me shake my head. Damn !


Maribeth said...

one day we'll go to Coachella :)
Is Pauly D gonna DJ for them? Did the sign Vinny too? Cause the freestyle battle against Sammy was pretty awesome lol.
Just saw Black Swan. I'll watch it again with ya!
I need a money too... I'm scared my tax refund will be more like a tax pay back :(

syntifik said...

b: yeah coachella's basically a lifestyle

ma: i have no idea what pauly's doing but it's outrageous. BLACK SWAN ALL DAY. i will cross my fingers for your taxes<3