Saturday, April 23, 2011


This girl and I weren't even friends at first. I'm not even sure how we came to be friends, but it happened quick. She had me when girls are trying to get in my face, grippin bottles, and I'll stomp out anyone who tries to grab her hair. She brings me cigarettes when my pack's gone empty, without me asking. We've rushed ourselves to buy the other an album the day it drops, because one of us didn't have the money. We've traded clothes, and shoes, even though our styles are completely different. We have the most different personalities, but you can catch us finishing the other's sentences. We head to the bar to grab two beers, but of different brands.
We've driven to diners in other cities in the middle of the night, just to grab a burger and complain. We've disapproved of each other's choices, but we've never judged each other. We have matching fur coats when neither of us knows where to wear them. We've battled Toronto, and Winnipeg, and the states when we weren't quite sure what we were looking for. We've attended the best shows, and the worst shows, but we've always found a way to get backstage. We've met musicians and strangers, and we never let the other get left behind. We've stood by the other til 6 in the morning, just so the other could have a story to tell the next day.
We won't sleep if the lights are on at a warehouse party, even if the next person is tired. We'll tell each other if the lipgloss is running low. We'll wait last minute to grab tickets, because we believe that everything right comes forward. We keep secrets and keep promises.
We've had fake birthdays, and mis-construed words. We've spent hours at skate parks, and spent money irresponsibly.. and we've done it all for the fucking fun of it.. so on this day, on this day.. it's all you kid. Happy birthday.