Friday, April 15, 2011



@ GZA!
Seeing GZA live is putting it all into perspective. This was my second time seeing gza, but my first time seeing him solo; first time I saw him was with the rest of the clan. His lyrics have always been mind stimulating, and seeing him live takes you to that. All I kept thinking was, "fuck, gza's so fucking smart". My liquid swords cd got stolen ages ago.. so to prep myself with liquid swords, I had to resort to grabbing a tape deck, some batteries, and plugging that into the aux. LOL. THAT DIDN'T EVEN MATTER THOUGH. Go through lengths and whatever it takes for good music man, and GZA is that. Dude even stayed around to sign autographs after.. & I got mine !! AAAAAAAAANDDDD.. he did ALL of liquid swords, with THREE homages to ODB.. now.. you be the one to tell me this dude doesn't put on a show?! NOT ONLY was gza fuckin' bomb, but mathematics was the DJ. C'mon, when you have wu-tang's ACTUAL dj up on stage, WHOM might I add, is ALSO the creator of the wu-tang "W", you just about love your life choices. GREAT SET, excellent delivery, mathematics on the 1's and 2's, AND it's the fuckin genius! 4.5/5 for this one, I'm only taking off a half point for the people that were dissing the opening acts. Please don't complain about local talent when you're 18 years old.. These guys have been in the game for years, and just because you haven't heard of them doesn't make them bad. Learn music.

all by myself..!


Anonymous said...

I was there! He was so good! Security were dicks though.

syntifik said...

sick! i didn't mind security so much this time, although i was mad suckin up to dude hopin he would move out the way for some filmage.