Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I fucking want to buy everything. I hate having this much room on my credit card. I can't stop grazing websites. Flight Club, Supreme.. I want all of you. That roach clip by Supreme is so bossy! & I don't even blaze anymore! I closed the tabs, but it was damned hard. Damned mother fucking hard. I have no food in my fridge.. I should really buy groceries instead of cool shwag. Ugh, that's boring! WAHHH!
Although, I haven't checked my lottery ticket yet. I could be a millionaire right now and not even know it! I'm so freaking tempted to break into my savings. BUT I WON'T! I went to the mall today and completely stopped myself from entering forever 21. It would've been round 5.. BUT I DIDN'T GO. It's all about will power people. ALEX! BUY ME STUFF :( In other news, some weather we're having huh?! Fuckin amazing. Tokyo Police Club is tomorrow, and I ain't drankiiing, but I is excited. I'm off to clean my room. That will make me feel better and it's free.. yay :/