Thursday, November 25, 2010


my grandpa is reaaally sick. i am sick too. it is cold outside, and i'm ridiculously tired. i'm putting my german shepherd down next friday. annnddddd while everything seems to be going to shit, i'm okay. i'll be okay, anyway.
sometimes i feel like talking, sometimes i don't. sometimes i feel like blogging, some days i won't. with all of life's unexpected curves and twists, i've been keeping my mind busy, and sleeping the days away. i find hard things are easier to escape when you're stressed the fuck out.. the irony. .. but that isn't to say the things that are stressing me out are completely wanted either, i'm fucking losing my mind.
i've. fucking. lost. it. i've been on detox for three weeks now, and i am really looking forward to having a fucking beer tomorrow.. or ten. shoutouts to everyone who's attempting to hit up my blackberry, it's not that i don't appreciate the concern, i just needed some "mind focused on botch and botch's life" time. shoutouts to my boyfriend for handling my craziness. he's officially become head of the psych ward, and i'm the paitient giving him the most fuckery. waddup boo, you're ill na na.
i'm not angry, but i can't help but feel like going up to god and asking him, "yo, what the fuck?".

waddup world, i'm still alive.. still a blogger.. still botch.. just gimmie a second to inhale all of this.


Maribeth said...

we still hanging out tomorrow. i hope so. after the crazy week we've both had i think we deserve some good times.

love, your besty

I Was Here said...

Inhale, exhale. Live life like it love it. Thanks for sharing Botch, hope your Gman gets better! :x

Anonymous said...

take your time to take it all in. do whatever you need to do to keep your chin up. even if you need a minute from your blog. you're still the most real, original and illest blogger.

syntifik said...

#1: of course, tonight officially marks the end of my detox.. a 24 of budweiser and a pack of smokes, yayaya! & i couldn't agree more, so fucking glad this week is over.

#2: he can't get better, but he'll be at peace, and that's what matters to me/ thanks<3

#3: i've never been good at compliments, but my heart did thump a little harder when i read this one. thank you so much, that's so rewarding to hear. thank you.