Monday, November 29, 2010


today amongst a busy day, bianca and i decided to get some much needed christmas shopping done. i have fully stocked up on wrapping paper, tape, ribbon, and christmas labels.. now all i need are the presents. I CANT HELP IT! it's so hard to find things someone else will love when i find so much that i love! BUT THATS IT. i'm putting my foot down and hereby declaring all purchases to no longer be for myself. i get too excited about buying things. alfred sung has a dangerous new winter line. that shit is so bawse. i just wanna take all their clothes and rub them all over my face.. and i did after purchasing. sooo soft.
not to mention 3 pairs of tights for $10, when the original price is $9 each. sometimes i think they never even had an original price, they just throw those stickers under the "sale" stickers to fool suckers like me.. but i'm too busy rubbing clothes on my face to mind.

mixtape monday comin in a jiffy....waaaiiittt fooorr eettttt.


I Was Here said...

Bwhahaaa "at the rubbing clothes" all over your face. O' your so botchy. Love.

syntifik said...

ahha.. TRUST ME. hit up alfred sung and you'll see what i'm sayin ;)

Maribeth said...

bring me christmas shopping too!? free all month. ya kno.

syntifik said...

suuure thaangg.. we're both broke til next pay day.. so prolly then.