Saturday, June 16, 2012


I've only ever wanted good people, good conversation, and good music. I've been to stadium concerts and shows held in the dingiest of places with a crowd of less than 30, and still had an equally amazing experience in both. I've been too drunk to function and sober out of my mind and have had equally fun nights.
2012 has been a real asshole. I had to say goodbye to a fuck load of really good people and lost a lot. I've always prided myself on how I handle things, and this year I made a few mistakes. I let emotions get the best of me and attempted to hide them behind poor choices. That happened. I'm over it.
All I can ever do, for myself, and for the people I involve myself with is be myself. The cliché in that drives me insane to the point of not wanting to write this, but I mean it. Whoever steps into your life and appreciates you for you is worth so much.
With that said, I'm kind of crazy. I make offensive jokes, I say things that make no sense, and I test boundaries on the daily. I get really irritated, and voice my opinion really loudly. So.. I'm kind of really lucky to have people that are like, "Hey, I miss you, wanna hang out?!".
I'm not afraid to go to shows and not know the musician. I'll go to the bathroom without a gal pal linked to my arm. I'll explore other rooms on my own. I'll talk to strangers expecting nothing more than a few night sentences.
I've learned that only a select amount of people will dance with you in the street. Only a select amount will attend a party where they know no one. Only a select amount will light off fireworks at 3 am and walk through the streets in the rain. Only a select amount refuse to ask, "What's going on there?!", "Who's all going?!" or "I don't know that band.". Sometimes, you're lucky enough to find the people who don't give a fuck about all of that.. and they just go, they.. just do.

My best nights, my best days, have been the days where I haven't said "No". The best ones have been the ones that were un-called for. Sometimes you just gotta take a leap, because you never know what music, what conversation or what new person is waiting for you around the corner.

So. This goes out to you. This goes out to summer. This goes out to the nights I'll forever remember. Thanks, it's been going to be a fucking blast. We loko, mayne.