Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The last time I saw you was three or four years ago, at a funeral. You remembered me. Considering the last time you saw me before this moment was when we were both kids, it was kind of a big deal. You were becoming a teacher and gave me all types of writing advice.

My mom said this of you today, "He was going nowhere but straight".

So, that surprising phone call of your good-bye really shocked all of us. My mom couldn't stop crying, and I wished for nothing but to some how hug her through the phone. That made me think of your dad, and how much hurt he must be going through. Times like these are just really, really.. sad.

I hate that our last talk was at a funeral, and that a funeral will be the next time I see you. I hate how we had a huge gap in between seeing each other. Life doesn't give us enough time, and I'm also sorry yours was cut short.

Hugs to the sky, to you, to your parents.
I'm sorry you left us like this.

RIP Thomas.