Tuesday, June 12, 2012


First. Let me apologize because this entry has no format and won't make much sense.. you probably shouldn't even read it.

I came to post an entry, knowing that I wanted to post an entry.. I just didn't have a full grasp on what it was going to be about. Originally I was going to write about letting people go. I wrote about six sentences before I decided it was wack and to start over.

I don't know what the fuck. So let's just start with this..

I worked today. I had edited stories for dude, and forgot the drafts at home. Bad start. I went to buy smokes after work, and when I got there, I got distracted by a sale on candy and energy shots. I forgot to get smokes. I came home. Mowed the lawn. Did the dishes. Started laundry. Then decided it was time to go buy smokes. When I got there, they were sold out of Belmonts. I decided to wait until tomorrow. I have a zillion things to do, and don't know where to start. Help.

You know what I really, really, really want right now? A vacation.

I learned something about myself this weekend. I am really quiet around new people. That's super weird to me, because generally I'm a very loud and social person. Perhaps it isn't "new people" really.. but I can't think of the right term. Maybe, friends who are really close who I'm just meeting/getting to know. I wasn't uncomfortable either, just quiet.

I had a really good weekend.

I'd love a slurpee.

Alex is starting to look like Joe Budden.

I miss my mom.

I miss people a lot.

I'm hungry.. and want ice cream. I always want ice cream (except for when I'm eating ice cream).

The Much Music VMA's are so lame.

I hate LMFAO. Guys, your days were over after shots, alright?

I really enjoy cryptoquip puzzles in the morning. I get pretty amped about them. Does this make me old? I hope not. ONE COFFEE AND A CRYPTOQUIP PLEASE. Mmm yum, I should make coffee.

I finally watched Drive! Unnnffff to Ryan Gosling. What a freaking stud he is. AND THAT SOUNDTRACK. Holy smokes, dudes! It's so good.