Wednesday, June 20, 2012


So either, A) I'm pregnant, or B) the Prometheus black gunk 3D'd itself into my system, and I am coming for all of you. Hope it's B!

If I wanted to sum up my thoughts toward Prometheus (before I got sick) it would be, the 3D isn't annoying, and everything looks awesome. The CGI in it, good show lads, good show.

In seriousness though, this pukey business really kind of sucks like a lot. Also, Rakim? Cancelled? Let the riots commence.

Also, I've been saying "also", a lot. For some reason it's quite comical to me. I thoroughly enjoy it. You can huck that shit anywhere!

I tried finishing editing today. I did about 80 pages. Which I will have to re-look over.. because every couple hours I'd have to host the puke party.

I'm feeling a little better after some Gravol and consuming 2 litres of water. I was planning on not drinking tonight, and that still is the plan.. but now that Rakim is cancelled, I think I might just try to get some more work done. We also gotta factor in the fact that my body is being an asshole.

Anyways, I'm busy. Wah.