Tuesday, June 19, 2012


My bills are ridiculously high right now. So that's happening. I could pay them, but I'd much rather pay for concert tickets. Hey cell phone bill, destroy yourself. Also, I'm busy up the fucking ass. What?! Yeah. Also, I'm going to be having classes on Saturday and Sundays. I can't imagine my life being busier than it is right now, but apparently it's going that way! ACK! HELP ME.
I've started editing stories for an organization that helps people with disabilities. I'm already a week behind on that. I CAN'T FUNCTION. When's the last time I slept?! I can't remember. What is sunshine?! Where is summer? Why does four loko taste like poison?! When will I rest?!
I'm nearing sick. Scratch that, I'm really sick. I've vomited every morning for the past four mornings. It's kind of disgusting, really. I think I need sleep. I think the deprivation is starting to get to me. I HAVE NO TIME FOR SLEEP. Who sleeps!
In other news, I'm moving forward, kind of, I guess? I dunno. I need help. SOMEONE COME TYPE STUFF FOR ME. Wahhh. Dying.

I WANNA WATCH PROMETHEUS ALREADY! Did I spell that right?! Whatever. Aliens and shit! I'm too busy to blog, what am I doing here?!