Sunday, January 30, 2011


cheers to a new week, and cheers to tomorrow being the last day of january. i had a stupid bad luck streak for january.. getting my jacket stolen.. my second winter jacket zipper breaking, my third back up winter jacket burned by someone's cigarette.. getting my timbs covered with cigarette ash.. having some drunk broad bite me.. losing $20.. crashing into a fence on my birthday.. a credit card mix up with my xm radio.. shit getting stolen, things getting lost. so. with that said, peace to january. & peace to the bad luck streak, hopefully. i've done a good job of not letting all of the above get to me, maybe a few tears here and there.. but i've certainly pushed forward with the positive energy.. and that ladies and gents, feels fucking great. hey monday.. let's begin.


Ron said...

word? you get bit by people? you smell like cookies or something?

syntifik said...

no ron, i smell like cheap cologne and cigarettes.. and i'm pretty sure i taste like booze. it was a girl fight, get with the program!