Tuesday, January 25, 2011


i just ate left over lasagna, butter chicken, curry and cheese spinach, and naan bread. if anyone wants to take me to a food challenge, i'm ready. woulda topped that meal off with cake, if i had any. damn this bachelor pad, my fridge needs some stock.
cudder and i are on that "we need a vacation really, really, really bad" tip. we've been ripping each other's heads offs with "mother fucker it's too cold!" and "will you pick up your shit?!".. i think it's healthy for a little disagreement here and there.. but we certainly passed the bar on health. we did some pretty hurtful things to each other.. i never wanted to be that couple that "breaks up" a hundred times. & i'm trying to be more understanding. we're SO DIFFERENT FROM EACH OTHER.. sooooo different. it's insane. & when i tell people that, they're all "but you both like hip hop and sneakers".. well lemme tell you, the two of those things might be the only things we have in common.
i don't mind that we're so different. i think it's insanely hard trying to understand the other person's thoughts and reasonings.. and in fact, sometimes upon reaching our level of "I'M SORRY, I LOVE YOU, LETS NEVER FIGHT AGAIN, EVER!", we still don't understand. & i think that's just the way it is sometimes. you might not get the other person's ideas, or opinions, but you learn to deal with it in a way that keeps both parties at a sane level. it's a love/hate relationship, but that's a thug's nature !
aside from the tearing of each other's throats, i've been working my ass off. i'm really trying to meet my money goals, and that's hard sometimes. especially when every day all i think about is school and getting my ass on a fuckin airplane to some sort of music festival. i don't think a day passes by without me thinking "where would i like to go next?". i'm glad that's one of the things scarborough and i have in common !
there's so many things i'd like to say to you that i won't say yet.. even though you ask me on the basis to the extremities of a thousand trillion. sometimes you just gotta let me do this on my own time. i'm always late, and so are my words. let me choose them at the right times kid. p.s. i love you.
all i wanna do these days is waaatchh movies alllll night, and sleeeeppp all day.. and like.. eat. haha/
i'm seriously thinking about moving across the hall. a work in progress. i just can't stand my tiny ass closet anymore.. but i also won't be able to smoke there. damn you morals.
i want some fuckin' red velvet cake right nowwwww. this weather is fuckin' dope. anyone down for the beach ?! SERIOUSLY! zippidy doo dah bitches, zippidy doo dah.

my name is botch, & this, is my blog.