Saturday, January 15, 2011



rick ross was good.. some other things weren't. half the crowd was cool, down for music, there to have a good time.. the other half.. they just wanted to fuck or beat the shit out of you. wagghahaaa, seriously?! it's a show, i don't wanna touch any sirens dresses, i swear it. AND BELIEVE ME, that was just the tip of the ice berg. i walked away from the night with mashed up timbs, and a few bruises and bite marks (i know, who bites?! girls do, apparently.).. AAANDDD, it wasn't from moshing, it was from people with a little too much insane in the membrane.. but the fights we got into were nothing, they were petty shit compared to others that sent over 10 people to the hospital (also a drive-by shooting at the after-party).. and forced the cops to shut the show down stupid early.. BUT BEFORE THE COPS SHUT THE SHOW DOWN, it went pretty fucking amazing. let's take a looksie.

murrayayyay!!! murray and i have like ten pictures together, they all look like this.

one of my best friends from high school, frankie! & his beauuutiful gallfriend.. both kept it 10x10.

security should secure more.

i'm all for live shows, it's my life.. but i am now taking applications for a body guard. i can't afford to pay you, but i give excellent high fives. please forward your applications to the comment box below.