Saturday, January 1, 2011


new year's eve was ups and downs man, ups and downs. no more tug-of-war in 2011. i'm going to try and worry less about everyone and worry more about me. let's make me happy for once. botch trying to please everybody doesn't seem to work, ever.. and that makes me kinda sad.
the building minds freestyle has to be the only thing ever, that i don't like by lupe. what. the. fuck. if anyone else i love hops on this young money flow, i vouche to no longer listen to "new" things. i'll stick to my 90's.
the world needs to actually make a lipstick that moisturizes and stays on, commercials are lying. still on the nicki minaj hate boat. let's go sailing. it's too cold outside, i am forever grateful for my tims. i really want to go on a vacation. my boyfriend learned the single ladies dance for work this past summer - i still die every time he does it.
this is my first blog entry in 2011. how's it going? my birthday is on the 4th.. i barely feel it. something keeps telling me everyone's going to forget my birthday this year.. or maybe i'm forcing that feeling by ignoring it myself. & i'm not sad about it.
i'm taking a day off this week from the world. i'm going to grab some tea, and read my books on the greatest thing ever, hip hop. i'm one of those people who need alone time, and i haven't gotten enough of it. i have a dinner tonight, and i'm really looking forward to eating roast. roast is such a win. i'm hungover and smell like beer though.. oh well.

erykah badu - gone baby, don't be long
chromeo - hot mess (duck sauce remix)
tokyo police club - break neck speed
medaphor, erykah badu - special


Anonymous said...

New year = all about you ! Yesterday's gone .


syntifik said...

it's my birthday wish! <3 xoxo