Wednesday, September 29, 2010


and beer..! but first, you gotsta get lost between god and a shot of scotch.
so this was the second time i've seen the yankees play.. and a rod wasn't there again. WHAT IS YOUR DEAL ALEX?! are we destined not to meet just because you have the same name as my boyfriend?! anyhoots. the yanks won, and the beer won me over. cheers..!


babe ruth's jersey.

thanks boo. haha.

2 beers in one, so i never have to get up .. ever.

nothing like four slices of new york pizza with baseball in your view and budweiser to wash it all down.


Anonymous said...

hey since you like hip hop you should listen to BLUE SCHOLARS-SOUTHSIDE REVIVAL.

syntifik said...

consider it done!

Anonymous said...

nice nice.

any comments about it?

and iunno thers this other song that you might really like Dead Prez-its bigger than hip hop.

"And if i feel i, i feel it. and if i dont , i dont. If it aint real then i prolly wont".

Add more songs on your playlist, im diggin it. :D

Anonymous said...

PS love your bloggie. Never had this much appreciation towards hiphop.

syntifik said...

whoops, sorry i missed these comments. havent checked my email in awhile..
BUT THANK YOU. thank you so much. i've already heard blue scholars before, and i own every dead prez cd ever made.. but it's nice to see someone who's into hip hop as well:)
once again thanks, best comments ever.