Friday, September 10, 2010


my mom and i got into the craziest argument right before i left for new york. it was a heated phone conversation, and it felt as if she was right in front of me, standing ten feet tall over me. i have NEVER, EVER, EVER, been that angry and dis-pleased, and i don't think she has with me either. i was getting cussed off so bad, then cried so bad i threw up.. now that ladies and germs, was the most upset i've been in a long ass time. i'm going to say it's been the worst i've felt since i lost my dad.. and me saying that, is kind of a big deal.. but anyway, reading this as my horoscope was pretty fucking intense. sometimes, those things are just so dead on.

this one applies to both my brother, and cudder. & it was dead on too.

this is where alex and i stopped to get some burger king about an hour before hitting new york. we sat on the parking lot railing, tired and dirty.. and we ate our croissants during the greatest "stretch ya legs out" moment in life.

this was our "view" haha. we were in the back of the hotel, so our view wasn't that mint.. but when we walked out our hotel, we were in times square. so i really didn't have much to complain about. greatest location ever.

see what i mean?

and then we were off.. to rock some mother fucking bells.

stay tuned.