Tuesday, September 21, 2010


nomnom time

i know.

alex wins the pretty award for this one.

the next day we woke up and dedicated the day strictly to sight-seeing.

jay-z and beyonce were staying here, and they were also at central park when we were there.. but we only saw them at rock the bells, rats.

my fascination with donald trump continues.

where john lennon got shot :(

apparently all the people who lived here get pissed off at all the tourists that come by here, hence all the curtains drawn.. there were people lined up on the corner where he got shot, we were not one of them. we were on the bus and refused to be those people. respect people's lives man.

check that parkade, nutty.

sushi date

unagi is my fav.

they were huge.

salad was sooo good.

and so was the chicken.


Anonymous said...

i love loove pictures of food!! -jaanet

syntifik said...

haha meeee too!