Tuesday, September 21, 2010


four new york posts in a row, thought i'd get back to work.. new york is almost done, and i'm not ready to let go. i feel like once i stop posting my new york pics, it's over.. i'm not sure why the main page of my blog is only showing two entries, so you're going to have to click older posts to see the rest of the pics. i tried looking through my html for errors, and i think it's something to do with my expandable posts.. if they're too full or some shit it ends up only displaying one or two entries on the first page.. but i don't know how to fix it and i am certainly not taking the time to graze through that shit to find out.
SO.. with that said. i hope everyone has a good night. considering it's break up season, i am in a better mood, and everyone else is too. dear alex, i love you, don't ever fucking question that.
good night world.