Thursday, September 16, 2010


so alex just left, and it sucks! two nights with him went well though.. and i think that's what i'm upset about. we have been on a really good tip lately, and it's nice to be in this state.. TWO MORE WEEKS. just gotta hold out for two more weeks. ew. anyway. let's get to some new york life.

lex and i decided there was nothing better for breakfast than a burger from roxy's.

it gave us enough energy to tackle the day.

market through times square brought in a whole different atmosphere, and one i was down with.

david letterman will always be my dad's show. i remember him watching it every single night. i would fall asleep in his lap while he drank milk.. and i would wake up to him carrying me to my room. & even though i'd wake on the way up the stairs, i'd pretend to sleep to get the full trip.. which was quickly followed by a kiss on the forehead and a "goodnight princess".

hershey's factory and gyro stands make for one "let's eat!" type botch.

we bought SOOO much chocolate but a stupid security lady went rummaging through my bag and i lost about half of it :(

around the market we went.

i don't need scarves, but i was thinking about it :/


burritos and mama mia.

!!!!!! WINTER GARDEN !!!!!


david letterman once more.

and who doesn't live for new york nights?! i do.

alex does.

home girl getting arrested. womp.

blurry night life.

that's it for today people. i'm about to throw in a throwback thursday.. just cause i haven't been keeping up with the blogging and i owe you guys at least that much! stay tuned.