Sunday, September 12, 2010


bombers, patriots, sports, work, leash training, puppies, dog walking, wind, beer, cigarettes, jersey shore, allergies.. it all adds up to make one tired botch. so no new york post today.. shit is too hectic.

who knew a sunday could feel like a monday?!

i'm really stoked i've been lucky enough to see/talk to/hang out with my best friends this week. i'm sad that i haven't seen my boyfriend in one week, but lucky enough to have gotten 7 phone calls. i'm crying knowing how hard this shit is, but also because i know how worth it this shit is. i'm happy i got to see james, i missed you so fucking much kid; i forgot how funny he was. i'm happy that old friends and new friends like bianca and allison can come together and we can all be friends, shittt.. we could do this every weekend. i'm lucky to have teej as one of my best male friends, just because he's always down to do absolutely nothing with me.
i'm confused with bill payments and paper altogether. i'm stressed out with everything that's being thrown at me. i miss my room terribly every day. i'm trying to figure out how to send things to my brother without having to pay a shit load. i'm freaking out over the realization of how busy this week is going to be.
i'm over-whelmed with work and pets. i'm lonely living by myself, but i enjoy the "me time". i'm annoyed with allergies, and anything health related that causes any irritation from living regularly. i'm going insane from too many bbms/text messages/phone calls, and i'm not sure whether i love it or hate it. i'm content with my mom not apologizing to me, as long as we move forward. i'm satisfied with laying in bed, staring at my ceiling, chilling to some ill hip hop; that is if i'm lucky enough to get time for it.
i'm bouncing off two walls. between pulling my hair out and laughing my ass off.. and i'm not quite sure how i feel about it.. so. this is life.