Tuesday, September 7, 2010


so i'm back home and i can not say i'm pleased. haha. i mean, sure, i've missed my bed.. but now that my boyfriend's gone, i'm living alllll by myself.. which blows balls. i haven't un-packed, and realistically, i don't think i will til the end of the week. i go back to work tomorrow and i am not stoked. i just got a letter from my xm radio, who told me i haven't paid my past two months. i added two gift cards to my last payment, so i didn't know it missed two months. oops. add that to some long distance cell phone charges, some new york credit card debt, college textbooks, and it looks like i'm going to be m.i.a. for awhile.
it was nice being away from everyone and their yaps. it was nice spending time with people that actually mean something to me. rock the bells was ape shit, and so was new york.
.. but i can't possibly pour all of my adventures into one post. so for the rest of september, i will be straying away from usual blogging, and i'll be putting forward new york. i've gotten a tan from the CNE and lost five pounds thanks to being a new yorker. waddup, i'm not ready to say goodbye to the good life. so i'll say pause. time to get $$$ whilst ignoring the phone calls that tell me to party. yo chill son, i just wanna hang out, listen to some good rap and blog and shit. new york was loud enough.


Gemini 5ive "F110" said...

<3 <3 <3 I'm glad you had a blast!!!

syntifik said...

i really did!! greatest experience ever!!