Monday, August 17, 2009


WOW. it's been a minute. my computer is nearly shot to pieces. yo. waddup god. broken camera then broken computer?! chill son! i done been e-mailing and shit through my berry, please don't die on me berry..!! you're one of my last hopes for internet AND taking pictures lol.. anyway, my internet connection seems to be doing alright for a minute.. so i gotta hit you with a 25. on one of julius posts, he was gone for four days and stated that it was forever in the blogging world, i couldn't agree more. that is a minute.
i'm really having trouble coming up with these last few 25's. luckily i received an e-mail today that held a little break.. THANK GOODNESS FOR EMAILS..
you remember the game, "would you rather"?!

25 "UHHHHH"'s

1. Would you rather be the most popular girl or boy in school for 5 whole years or have the greatest friends ever?
have the greatest friends ever. BY FAR. fuck being popular, it's a shit hole. people talk shit about you, they're either intimidated by you or think you're an asshole.. that's not a good example because i really am an asshole. but shit son! why would i want to be popular with shit friends?! ew.

2. Would you rather have super powers or have Christmas never end?
uhhhhh.. WOW. okay. i love christmas!.. but i'm not sure i could handle it every day for the rest of my life. i'm gonna go ahead and say super powers. wouldn't super powers entail me with the power to make christmas 2-3-4, days if i wanted !? hello. loop holes people, loop holes.

3. Would you rather drink 1 gallon of ketchup or 1 gallon of mustard?
EW. mother fucking cock bitch slut! i guess one gallon of ketchup. both would make me vomit perfusely, but i think mustard is too.. sour? yeah. ew. 1 gallon is so much! you asshole.

4. Would you rather be prom queen of your high school or have a super cool and good looking boyfriend?
super cool and good looking boyfriend. ahhaha. i told you, fuck popularity. i want the good shit. who doesn't want a super cool good looking somebody?! and can i just say "super cool" had me dying for days, i totally pictured a dude tilting his shades down and giving the wink.

5. Would you rather have 500 tarantualas crawling in your house or 1000 crickets jumping around your room?
WHAT?! why?! why.. i HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTEEEEEE bugs. this took me awhile, at first i said the tarantulas because fack! 1000 crickets are so hard to catch. BUT.. now i realize, if all the crickets are only in my room, they'd probably be hella easier to terminate. open a window, hold some cricket bait outside said window.. and the problem should be taken care of. what is cricket bait?! i dunno. hey roger, what's your answer?! :)

6. Would you rather have a third leg or a third arm?
lol. how the fuck did you come up with this survey.. if i was a dude, i totally would have responded with "i already have a third leg ;)" o0oo0ooo smooth. i'm gonna say a third arm, just cause i think that would be easier to hide under clothing.. unless it's like on my chest or something, *cries. and it wouldn't be there for long.. extreme makeover me, PUHLEASE.

7. Would you rather meet the Jonas Brothers or meet Miley Cyrus?
LMFAO. i could give a fuck about either.. but i'm going to say the jonas brothers, i believe they have more fans.. i'd take pictures of them, and sell their autographs for billions >=).. and i'm sure tons of dummy girls would wanna hug me if i hugged a jonas brother.. $20 a pop!!

8. Would you rather eat 25 hot dogs or jump off a 50 ft high tree?
oh cmon. HOT DOGS SON. no question! hot dogs every day! i don't want a broken leg first of all, and eating hot dogs is like chillin in miami.. bitch.

9. Would you rather travel back in time to the year 500 B.C or meet the queen of Eygpt?
toughy. is the queen of egypt a bitch?! cuz i wouldn't wanna turn out to be no slave or none.. or she might get my head chopped off.. but i'm not really sure what's in 500 b.c.. fuck. this one's a doozy. i'm gonna say meet the queen of egypt, because hopefully she gets a sense of my awesome-ness and makes me.. co-queen. then ill just be blingin, rollin on chromed out camels and shit. SO HIGH UP I GOT BIRDS IN THE PYRAMID..

10. Would you rather be known as the school's "Bad bully who loves Dora the Explorer" or be known as in school "The nerdy freak"?
lol, bad bully.. because i'm only making dora look gangster. soon everybody will be wanting to be boss with dora back packs and shit.. and fuck you man! dora's cool.. EXCEPT FOR HER RECENT MAKE OVER:( BRING BACK THE OLD DORA!

11. Would you rather be chased by 10 vicious Rottweilers or 5 vicious German Sheperds?
german sheperds, no questions. rottweilers are too fucking crazy man. they'll tear you to shreds. the sheperds don't move as sparatic and i think i'd be able to put up a good fight towards them over the rottis. a few punches to the fucking snout and you done son! (i love dogs. lol)

12. Would you rather ride in a car going 90 mph and ride off a 30 ft clift or ride in a car going 30 mph and ride off a 100 ft clift?
slow. i think i'd have more of a chance. but i would DEF be wearing that seatbelt.

13. Would you rather eat 5 rotten cheese slices or lick a dirty toilet?
if you've seen my rants, you know the answer.

14. Would you rather be king/or queen of the universe for one year or get what you want for one year?
HELLLLOOOO!! im already queen of the universe. what i want for one year!! nikes! albums! vinyls! turntables! redbull! cigarettes! vacations! abs! hahahaha./ dude life will be so ballin when this actually happens.. yeah.

15. Would you rather eat scrambled eggs raw or eat cold ice fish raw?
scrambled eggs. eggs don't have guts.

16. Would you rather win 1 million dollars on Deal or No Deal or win 1 million dollars on Don't Forget The Lyrics?
DEAL OR NO DEAL. i can't sing for shit.. and i'm not about to let the world know.

17. Would you rather work at Disney Corporation or work at Nickelodeon Corporation?
if it was like the 90's, i'd say disney.. but disney done fell off with their gay ass family shows.. that i still watch cuz im lame.. BUT BRING BACK THE CARTOONS! since they fell off, ima say nick.. and the first thing im going to do for yall, is bring back rugrats.. YOU DUNN EVEN KNOW ABOUT RUGRATS.

18. Would you rather have a 100+ friends who are OK or have 3 great friends that are great?
3 great friends. what good is a friend if they're only half in it?!

19. Would you rather live as a dog or live as a cat?
i like dogs more than cats, but i think i'd rather be a cat.. just because i think it'd be easier to live on the street. i can climb anything, i have nine lives (haha), i'm flexible as shit, and i can sneak in to fast food garbage cans and eat me some mcdonalds! if i was a house pet though, i'd rather be a dog. dogs have way more fun.

20. Would you rather do the macarina in front of everybody on a table or dress up as a chicken and dance like a freak in front of everybody?
lol you had to add, "like a freak"?! lol.. the macarina.. that's more my steez.. like i'm pretty sure i've probably already done it. like at least if they see that, people will just be like, "damn, botch so crazy".. but me in a chicken suit?! people will be like "damn. botch is crazy.". you dig.

21. Would you rather kiss (on the cheek) Zac Efron or Corbin Bleu?
i don't know who corbin bleu is, so i'm going to google him right now. *google moment later* okay, so my internet connection is being wack again.. so i'm just going to say zac efron in case corbin bleu is a total twat.

22. Would you rather go to a wild concert or a relaxing and joyful spa?
CONCERT. no question.

23. Would you rather meet My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy?
fall out boy.. i like my chemical romance, they're alright, but i like fall out boy just a TAD bit more.. only because of panic! at the disco. love love love panic! at the disco.

24. Would you rather date an athletic person or an emo person?
athletic. who WOULD rather date an emo?! what kind of shit is that?!

25. Would you rather own a car company or own a toy factory?
TOYS BY FAR! get rich off of fun?! sweet deals. plus with a toy factory, i wouldn't have to dress all businessy.. i could walk in with nikes and sweats on and no one would give a fuck. it's toys! actually wait. which would be harder to run?! well i guess if i own it, i'll have people under me doing most of the job. nevermind, sticking with toy factory.

i forgot to mention if you have any ideas for any 25s, comment them. or yo, .. either or! i just got an idea for a 25 from my cousin, so i'll do that one either later on tonight or tomorrow.. depending on the status of my computer. ALSO as for stickers, i won't be getting any til after christmas. i know, it sucks. but i promise to give away some (KEY WORD: SOME! im no ghandi people) freebies. AND i'll make a new design. so hold on to your gitch son there's only so much this lady can do !

alife x tims .. hello fall, you never looked so fucking good.

big up to the haters, BITCH ADMIT YOU NAMELESS. so by me addressing you, i'm really making you famous! like pun said, "YOU AINT EVEN IN MI CLASSA!".. haters, non-haters, fans, fuck it. love yall. 1!


Anonymous said...

Your blogs alwaaayyyzzz make me laugh :) I laaavv you

K, I'll call you later, after work or something?!

I hope you know who this is! Haha

Anonymous said...

botch! there's no such thing as cricket bait :(

-bug expert

syntifik said...

boner: call me in like half an hour

bug expert: THERE IS TOO! crickets have to eat SOMETHING..

Anonymous said...

25 best tv shows of the 90s.

Ron said...

I got to like no.7 and couldn't read anymore. & fresh buttahs look so good... I'ma cop some next pay, fuck it!

syntifik said...

secret: sweet idea, ill try and work that in some how.

ron: you asshole. i read your entire entries, JUST SO YOU KNOW.

Ron said...

lmao, my entires consist of like 20 words at the max and pictures. Of course you read that.


Paul Franco said...

ah putting logic to illogic.

a raw egg stirred in rice is actually really good trust me and isnt the second choice basically sushi

Bonibelle said...

Fix your internet already so I can have something to read and laugh aaaaat!


Anonymous said...

25 favorite non-hiphop, non-rnb, and non-reggae music artists.

25 favorite actors/actresses/athletes/athletresses

25 phobias (if you have that many)

i can keep going...

syntifik said...

CMON RON !! im interesting!!
& i've been following you since like 2003, so i'm pretty sure we should be on an equal read pact..!
3's + bottling new shoe smell = perfection.. but you're still an asshole.


paul: i dunno when i read "icy fish" i thought like freezer burned fish straight out a box or something.. like a frozen tilapia with scales and shit.. SO NOT DOWN.

boner: it's working for now so ill try and finish it!

anonymous: athletresses, lol.. that's too wicked. i'll try and work that in too!

Anonymous said...

19. Would you rather live as a dog or live as a cat?

CAAT!! cause there cute and crazy! If I could, I'd be a kitten. They really DO think they have nine lives and think they can do anything with their lives, even if it kills them. We can be curious cats.

- Banet

Anonymous said...

25 top favourite songs/music videos.

25 favourite movies of all time.

25 guilty pleasures.

syntifik said...

janet: you're the illest.. we shall be cats that run the streets!

anonymous! : thanks yo.. ima put these in