Thursday, August 25, 2011


- Okay with Evelyn winning first place, not Paula.
- I wanted Kenny to win first place, but not Wes.
- Mike bitching out is lame, push til you die.
- Girls are fucking psycho, sorry you look like an old hag, wanker.
- "Material Girl" is probably my least favorite Weeknd song.
- In a week, I'll be watching Nas.
- I need new sunglasses for New York.
- Who steps on aviators running to say hi to douche bags? That'd be me.
- Will this heat wave ever end?
- I can't wait for fall.
- Being a red head is fuckin' fun.
- I wish I could watch a movie with lex tonight, simple things.
- Weezy's new album sucks? What exactly were you expecting people?
- I dunno how to feel about Blu's new album, BUT HE'S GIVING AWAY FREE COPIES AT RTB! *dies.
- Talk louder Blu, that bass is loud.
- Denzel Washington in American Gangster.. what a dream boat.