Wednesday, August 3, 2011


My mom apologized, and by apologize, I mean, she gave me food and a ring. She never really says sorry. Can someone please take me to big dancing tomorrow?! I surely need it. New York is coming up, legit. We booked our tickets and everything! I'd like to book le hotel tomorrow if that works for everyone?! Get at me sons. At this very time in a month, I WILL BE A FEW FEET AWAY FROM NAS. *dies. This January is going to be huge. Cigarettes are damned expensive. I miss Alex. I feel like the biggest issue with this long distance relationship, is that it's worse. Usually in a long distance relationship, you get phone calls at the least. We don't speak. It's tough. So I get a little psychotic, these past four days were the worst I've ever been, lol. I graduate in May, and HOPEFULLY, if my money's right I can escape and go gallivant with my boyfriend for a month or so, or, MORE?! A girl can dream. C'mon mother fucker, c'mon. Bonsoir.