Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I haven't loved my hair for about two years. I don't really give two fucks about my hair. Girls usually freak about their hair. Not me. I used to dye my hair every couple weeks. I'd always go for hot pink or blue or purple or turquoise, basically any color that would have my mom saying, "WHAT DID YOU DO?!". Usually I'd have it un-even, a blotch somewhere, or whatever.. I didn't care. Split ends and dead hair has always been my forte. As long as it's not falling out, I'ma take the straightener to it. Anyway, I haven't dyed in my hair in just under two years.. SO.. next week, I'm throwing this mane over to my good friend. Thank heavens. This puke green hair that I have going on has certainly got to go. I'm trying to love my hair again. 7 more days!

For some silly reason, I feel like a new look will bring me a fresh start. Lawd knows I fuckin' need one. So angry.