Monday, August 22, 2011



Let's get right into it!

The intro is incredible. This beat is aweeesome. & I love his voice in it. My only complaint about this, is the instrumentals over-powering his voice. I find that it's consistent with the entire tape.. you have to really listen, which I don't mind.. It just almost sounds like he's doing back up vocals for himself.. which.. is.. dumb. Personally, if I was editing this one, I'd take the snare out and kick up his vocals. In summary: the production on this tape is absolutely NO comparison to House of Balloons. There is no doubt with that.
I will throw down an applause for how different the production is. It's a weird, dark, questioning, nightmare, hang-over kind of sound. If that doesn't make sense to you, you haven't listened to it yet.
LIFE OF THE PARTY IS MY FAAAVORITE! Can we talk about the control Tesfaye has over his voice? The thing that stands out the most when you listen to this dude is his sound. He could do this shit acapella and still have me questioning if he's a real person.. I'm still in half belief that he's an experimental robot that escaped from Area 51 and is rebelling against the government. His voice is just.. that good. It takes you up and lifts you. It actually feels like, it lifts you. & he's definitely improved on his vocals. IS IT POSSIBLE?! Yes, it is. & he has.

When I first listened to this tape, I hated it. I was like, "What is this!?". House of Balloons is simply a tough entrance. Tesfaye certainly took his music in a new way. He wanted to keep growing, keep improving, and he wanted to put out something different. Thursday is definitely different from the House of Balloons. It just lacks consistency. There is no flow to it.. I found myself continuously checking to make sure the songs weren't on random. Each song, on its own is good.. but put all together is a little confusing for the listener. You're thrown around on a ride that leaves you confused, not knowing where to go. However, once you're ten seconds into a song, you're back in it for the ride.. and you're able to enjoy it.

The bottom line is, The Weeknd is putting out music that you won't hear anywhere, and it's damn good. If I heard this tape first, I would rate it higher.. but the House of Balloons is just a tough bar to pass.. A little too busy, a little too much. We'll see what happens when Echoes of Silence drops. Til then, it's still an amazing tape that deserves a download. Go get it.