Saturday, June 26, 2010


i know i didn't post any pics yesterday, i was totally out and about and when i did finally get home.. i crashed. i was dead tired from no sleep the entire week.. so i've decided to post all my pictures today.. better late than never right?! here goes it.

to start off, i hadn't slept for two nights and decided i was brave enough to take a wheat grass shot.
i look yellow and tired.. but i did it.

bianca and i went to lime lite for her buddy's birthday.. this place is fucking g, full of karaoke busters and rowdies. i thoroughly enjoyed it.. seeing as how i now know the fashion sense.

meet my only ride, never die.


damn maribeth, i need that sweater in my life!


when lex leaves the city, so does all of this. not good for my 40 year old body !

my grandpa and uncle donald:) father's day 2010

yes people, we're cousins again. i don't hate her anymore! hahahahahahaha

nom nom time bitches.

i make family portraits solid.

we showed up at dinner, wearing the exact same thing.

this is my uncle jerry. he's always happy.

too easy bitches, too easy. gimmie a real challenge.

we always sits besides each others.

we tied my grandpa's birthday bow around his head, he dug it.

there were enough ribbons to go around.. and my grandpa will get the wu-tang.. some day.

tokyo police club was tina's first concert ever, and it was with me:)
we're not crazy btw.

this is my uncle donald:) he's a magician, so my childhood memories of him are pure magical!


come back! i want my rain!

the crooked brothers lunch concert

they're really good, dude can sing forreals.

this guy in yellow was dancing up a storm while eating his lolli

it was fucking awesome.

MY FIRST TIME AT DAIRY WHIP.. (jason au is too important to get off the phone ;)

which i called daly burger ahahha.. oops.

DO NOT EAT ANYTHING BEFORE DAIRY WHIP.. i did.. and tapped out.. but it was good, thanks j!

jason au on the other hand, he's a beast. champion. check out his beastly activities @

and that was my week people.. all i did this week was eat! so it's saturday and i stayed home last night. let's rage.

paint this city drunk!


kanJay Chedda said...

finish your food young lady!

syntifik said...

it's a hard task jason au, tis a hard task..!!

Maribeth said...

you look so pretty taking your wheat grass shot lol. its funny that you chased it

metal on clothing = awesomeness!

that girl in the picture looks like me kinda.. if i was wearing a pink shirt and had shrek behind me it would be legit.

all the pictures with the ribbon headbands are soooo FUNNY!

dairy whip ! WHOOP! did you have the milkshake there?!

syntifik said...

really?! i feel like i look yellow and tired:( THIS TANNING BUSINESS IS CLEARLY NOT WORKING OUT. hahaha.. but thank you.. that sweater is too boss, i'm so borrowing it..
the resemblance between you and that girl is un-canny. ribbon headbands are what we do. i did not have a milkshake. j got the peach drank, so i stuck with the veteran and got the same.