Sunday, June 13, 2010



so this weekend was fucking insane. i'm soo tired.. but i had sooo much fun. & i only spent like 25% of it with scarborough, but i'm just greedy. having him at all is dope in itself. let's start off with a weekend re-cap, whoa! what! we haven't done that in a long ass time.

allison and i literally had nothing to do, so we went to bar italia. bust. so we left, we ended up at g martini. luckily, we were able to grab seats and amber was working. amber is an old friend who i used to hang out with literally every day.. seeing her every now and then still feels like we do, so that's awesome. martini's are bomb, and i think we both un-officially announce g martini as a friday hit! by then, scarborough still hadn't called me so we went to jono for his galfran's birthday. ice cream cake when you're drunk is a good time.. and so are friends.. so we ended up having a drunken fiasco, and a good one at that. friday was a win.

i went to a wedding with my mom. some old friends and family were there so it was wicked.. and open bar.. OPEN BAR! oh lawd. my mom was not pleased with my double shots of vodka cran, but she put on a smile.. i stayed away from the beer for her because she says drinking beer isn't classy. we had an AMAZING talk, about boys and gossip, and i basically filled in my mom on what's been going on in my world for the past six months. i completely trust my mom, and she's one helluva listener.. soon times, she was telling me about her relationship with my step dad, and stories about my dad.. it honestly felt like i was talking to a girlfriend, and i was trippin.. a few times i had to take a moment to tell myself "holy shit, this is your mom right now". i fucking love her. who else can swear and tell their moms about their un-dying love for nas and boys with tattoos. not a whole lot. i ended up dancing with my mom and her friends to cudi and snoop.. what. our table was filled with co-workers from my moms past.. people she's known for over 30 years.. and that shit was epic. she told me stories of how they used to go dancing, and who acted as an "older brother" when my dad would come around. "your dad was a good looking guy, and a lot of girls wanted him, but all he wanted was your mom.. we just made sure that was 100% true before we let him get to her". can you imagine!? these guys were working with my dad when he was a 17 year old DISHWASHER. who knew a few years later he would be a successful business man with the world in his palms. it was crazy.
anyway.. after all of that, all these stories of my dad.. the bride danced with her father.. "dance with my father again" by luther vandross.. i swear, that song.. ruins me.. i couldn't take it and balled my eyes out.. my mom followed.. it was hard but it's also nice to know that we both equally still care and remember the most amazing man to ever enter both of our lives.. my dad.

a lot of sunshine, a lot of nothing, bubble tea, wings, basketball and a day at the park.. and of course.. noir later..!

SO.. i had a good weekend.. and only got asked two things this week!? the fuck is that!.. ahha well here's what you asked me this week..

Please excuse my noobness, but how do you pronounce Pharoahe Monch? :$
fair-oh, mawn-ch? LOL.. it's hard to type it out.. but you can hear him say his name in a song called, "simon says".. enjoy!

was there a time in your life where your "chin up, no crying" personality was non-existent and you just broke down like a motherfucka? (i know we all do) but please elaborate..
oh definitely.. i still break down all the time..
no body has a glass jaw, we all shatter.
& by elaborate? do you mean, tell a story of me breaking down?! :S

well, hope everyone had a bomb ass weekend.. it's my last night with scarborough and we're actually going to hang out tonight so we'll see you all later;) have a good one.


Anonymous said...

as soon as my fingers touch the keyboard - im blessing this thread
faces on my money, funny how all them presidents dead
trying to find god but met the devil instead
didnt take heed to what the reverend said
cause all i want in this life are bitches, bread and respect
true story - why life filled with so many sins?
so many lies, seen fraud in so many men
nobody wins, i act like im nobody's kin
so when you bring that shit around me, i say "no" on my end
sick and tired of holding shit in
so let me close my eyes for awhile
flow so grimey and foul
see what i touch turn to gold - midas' child

syntifik said...

carm ?