Monday, June 7, 2010



.. and as much as i wish she didn't worry. some times, it kind of makes me feel special.. just knowing that i am her daughter, and she is my mom, and she cares. i hate lazy people. & i feel like a lot of people don't see how much i do every single fucking day/
i am so fucking bored/tired right now.. but i don't want to fall asleep because that will ruin my system. i really want dim sum. DIM SUM?! anybody?! on you?! cool thanks.
i love dipping granola bars in yogurt. i truly believe that nas is the greatest rapper to ever exist, and anyone who disagrees is wrong. i love to eat. you can take me anywhere to eat and i will be happy. i think that people deserve second chances, but i am rarely willing to give them.
i make my mistakes.. i make a lot.. but i only have one life.. and i'm doing it the best way i know how. i don't want to wake up, be forty, and wish that i had a better past.
i think about justin bieber's hair at least once a week.. WHEN WILL HE CUT THAT SHIT?! like really.
i don't like scary movies. i used to when i wasn't living on my own, but now that shit is un-bearable.
when it rains, i like listening to the rain hitting my window. that sound alone brings such creative thoughts. i almost wish that my mind had a recorder so i could listen to the tapes that run through hours.
i feel like all girls are out to get me.
my boyfriend is in another province because of his job. we lived together for seven months before he left.. but before that, it was endless planes to toronto and winnipeg. we don't speak daily, because his job is basically one that's 24/7. i talked to him yesterday for the first time in two weeks.. i don't know how this guy does it, but he still digs me. this job is a term and won't end til some time between september-november.. and i cringe at that.. i mean have you seen dude?! he fucking looks like kid cudi.. what's not to like!? xoxo daddy.
i haven't seen avatar, and don't really feel the urge to.
is it just me or is there something up with katy perry's eyes?! like she's cross-eyed or some shit.
i wish they would stop playing kesha on the radio.
i will never, NEVER, stop listening to hip hop.

this blog is the best blog on the internet.


Anonymous said...

Ey!! Kool Blog! Thanks for the FollowLove!!!

Anonymous said...

You are stupid sexy!!! Fuuucckk.

beeePod said...

I feel the same way about Avatar. I went out for sushi with Tri and Jay.. and they told me they have weird alien sex where they touch tails or some shit LOL

Justin Bieber is a bitch.

syntifik said...

#1: thank you!! your blog is dope too!

#2: EH. i'm okay! but thanks!

#3: oh boner. LOL. have you seen it yet!? if not, we should watch it together.. i need to be blazed for it though, cuz that's a fucking movie that you just gotta be.
pre-sale for justin bieber's tomorrow, i got the password, i'll buy for both of us.