Tuesday, June 15, 2010


i think this new series deviates from my pessimistic wednesday posts.. i know that wednesdays make me look like i hate everything.. but i really don't ! so this entry will be as positive as i can make it without vomiting. lemme fill you in.. what's dope tuesday?! ha! esco, let's go.


i drink way too much red bull, but that shit is fucking amazing. throw red bull in a slurpee, and that shit is crack.. add some vodka, and shit bitches! that shit is the pre-game drank of choice during these hot ass summer nights. omfg.. it is so fucking good. can i get a coffee with my breakfast?! NAH BITCH FUCK THAT. redbull me up. it's greater than coffee. yeah i said it.

i love biting. i love bite marks, i love it on the neck. i love it on my hand. i love biting lips. i fucking. love. biting. there you have it folks. my secret's out in the open. now you know why i say i love teeth so much. it's because whenever i see a nice grill, yo. yo. my mind isn't nasty though, i swear it's good biting! dear nas, dear cudi, dear lex, can i lick your teeth!? ahhahahaha.

if i'm ever mad at you, or if you did something fucked up.. bring me cupcakes. there's an 85% chance that we'll be okay after that. not no gay cupcakes though. if you bring me gay ass cupcakes that taste like shit, and they have those lame ass sprinkles on them that taste like old icing.. then i might get more mad. be smart, use your discretion.

WHAT TIME IS IT?! it's DIM SUM TIIIIMEEEE!! i only tried dim sum like.. last year..!! & i can not believe how much i've been missing out on!! i fucking love you dim sum!! wifey me! sushi is definitely tied with dim sum though. i fucking love both. they're like tiny little meals in bite size form! WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?!

cuz after dim sum, there's always room for mango pudding..! .. yeah. i like to eat.

i know. that's a pretty disgusting thing to love.. but i can't help it. i fucking love my bellys. i love everything about them! i love how they calm me down when i'm angry.. i love how smooth they are. i love the way the taste. i love playing with smoke. i love lighting it. i love o's. i love when people offer you a smoke without you asking. i love doing the same right back. i love seeing boys smoke. i love cigarettes. GROSS!


when guys wear their shit like THIS.. i pretty much wanna go up to you, grab your fucking face and lick it. seriously. steez baby, it's all about steez.

that's all i can think of for now.. BUT HEEEYYY!
it's chooseday, lemme ask anyway.. what do YOU love?

unless you love the lakers, then you can just move right along.


Anonymous said...

I love you Botch! And, McDonald's apple pies. And, cars. And, poker. And, boobs.

- Adrian

Maribeth said...

I love cold pillows, I love my fav bitches (esp. you), I love weed, I love McDonalds when drunk, I love music, I love warm days, I love dancing... I love a lot of things but for now i think thats enough =)

syntifik said...

ADRAN: lol @ boobs. VISIT! visit! me! visit! rock the bells? heh? what's going on! fuck!

maribeth: ohhh goodness how could i forget cold pillows!! mcdonalds when im drunk is never a good idea.. i eat way more than i should.. music all day.. summer all day.. dancing, that's all you mama. i just jump. you wanna grab a beer-skies tomorrow at lunch?! i can throw some money at you.