Thursday, June 3, 2010



i'm sorry shit. wednesdays are fun! i am fucking.. fucked up. my head is pounddddiiiinggg. i never want to look at alcohol ever again.. i know what i wanna do though, eat mango pudding for the rest of my life. tried that shit at dim sum today, hello craziness. could live off that shit.

talib and hi tek was fucking insane. people are like "fuck you were fucked last night" and i answer with, "fuck, you were there?!!!"
i remember being at the stage and thinking fuck this is soooo good, focus on what they are sayinggg.. and lyrics that escaped my mouth was shit like "akjhsjgaa corner ajhdjsb fuck i need water". lol, just death.

anyway, i am on a crazy nas tip. yeah yeah, i always listen to nas.. but i'm heavy on nas right now like.. you don't understand. i can't.. fucking.. stop. life has been, come home, watch every nas video ever made, mtv nas diary, vh1's driven w/nas, nas interviews, then every album in rotation. so i decided to throw up "can't forget about you" for throwback thursday. it's a fucking dope video.. when he's on that bench with the QB backdrop, oh boy. as a bonus, chrisette's voice is fucking crazy. enjoy it.

i have a thing for intelligent gangsters.. and all of you know my style, i spend my dough but i still let it pile.

.. this would be longer but.. i'm going to go puke my guts out now.
hot sex on a platter.


Anonymous said...

I knew it was you at the show last night lol. I saw you talking to Hi-tek, I was the dude in green by the VLT's. I see you at all the hip hop shows and found your blog from YouTube. I just didn't want to seem like a stalker....which I probably do right now considering how long this comment is. Lol, I should end this here. I'll see you at the next show.

Maribeth said...

i'm still trippin over that show. You did me justice telling your cousins that Talib to me was Nas to you. Hi-Tek and Talib were so ill, I still can't process it.

YAY to the video post. Can't Forget About You is my favorite Nas track =)

so heres the plan since our hip hop saviors both hail from New York. I think it is destiny for us to go there together one day. Just us two =)

P.S. you were wrecked. spillin full cups of beer on me and all lol.

I Was Here said...

Favorite Nas song, fucken classic. Thanx for posting the video.

syntifik said...

#1: no stalker-ness! say hi next time, and lemme know who you are man.. "dude in green by the VLT's" doesnt ring a bell.. i was wrecked lol

#2: i totally forgot about spilling both my beers on you. shit bro.. my bad. ahahaha i swear to god i really thought i wasn't going to spill it.. and every time it spilled, i was so sorry but could not stop laughing.. and yo, rock the bells in new york, august 2010.. jus sayin'

#3: is it really?! glad it's your fav!! :)