Sunday, June 6, 2010



here's what you asked me..

An actual female hip hop head? Are you real or a figment of my imagination/fantasies?
uhhh.. i'd like to think i'm real! i hope i'm real! lol

how is it that u rock so hard?
A LOT of redbull haha

what do you do if your friends use you has a last resort?
ehh fuck, if my friends use me as a last resort, they're not really my friends.. and hopefully it won't be long before i realize that.

You're such an inspiration. You live life to the fullest, and push bullshit to the side, which is very admirable :)
ohh wow..!! what do i even say to that!! thank you so much!! :)

What's your favorite drink?
iced tea, nom nom.

I adore your blog! I wish I could type out my thoughts the way you do
aww wow! thank you so much.. that's flattering:) i wish i had more people like you in my life, my self-esteem would be through the roof ;)

If you had your own talk show, who would your first three guests be?
nas, kid cudi, and your mom.

damn you're fine
haha aww.. THANKS!!

now don't be shy, ASK ME ANYTHING.

i would also like to take some time to get at girls who are lame. girls who talk shit about me. girls who become best friends with girls who don't like me just so they can not like me together. girls who say i'm a bitch. girls who say i'm the worst ever but suck up to me. girls who compliment me only because they want me to like them. girls who say "you hang out with botch?! really?". girls who say "really?! botch?". enough with the really's. enough with the shit talking. don't be mad at me because i'm fucking awesome. have a beer bitch, it's summer. relax a little. your life will be a lot easier if you don't have me on your bad side.
i'm jus sayin.


Anonymous said...

So I've been on this blog for an hour, just listening to your music player, and I figured that you deserve a comment for that. Dopeness.

beeePod said...

OMGGGG I'm so tired. Like more tired than usual.
I keep forgetting to comment.


syntifik said...

anonymous: thanks man!! music is life.

boner: thanks for lunch bitch. i got your lunch on wednesday.