Wednesday, June 2, 2010



and i'm here to let you in on some things that be waaaack and shit!


guy: "yo do you have a spare cigarette?"
botch: "nah dude, sorry."
guy: "why ? is that your last one?"
botch: "nope, but i only have like two..
guy: "how much do those run you?"
botch: "$14."
guy: "fuck that's expensive, you shouldn't be smoking."
NO DUDE. YOU shouldn't be smoking, you can't fucking afford it! things that are wack from this story: guy being contradicting, guy being smelly, guy being fucking rude, guy making me want to blow smoke in his face.

girl: i'm wearing the same underwear, so i can't bang him tonight cause i banged him yesterday and he'll noticeeee..!! are you hooking up..?
botch: hahahaha uhhh no.. i'm not hooking up.. i'm wearing fucking pineapple scratch and sniff underwear.. it has pictures of fucking pineapples all over it.
** girl and botch exit bathroom **
girl: HAHAHAH.. pineapples.
random stranger: pineapples?! DO TELL.
thanks man. ahahah fucking thanks for telling the entire club what kind of underwear i'm wearing. ahahah.

that has to be one of the wackest videos evaaahhh.. what is with the blazing drake taking up half that video.. all i kept seeing was drake inhaling. lol seriously drizzy, even jamaica couldn't help you.. you are a music video fail.

this is when people give you advice on something they've never been through. "well if he's talking to another girl, you should just dump him". uhm?! what the fuck are you talking about?! you don't know anything. did i even ask you for your advice?! no. i really didn't. back the fuck up.

when 16 year olds who have babies go up to other 16 year olds with babies and say things like "omg your son is so adorable!!".. WHEN REALLY, both girls used to be the worst of enemies.. they hated each other.. but since they both fucked up and had babies, they talk to each other.. AND THE ONLY REASON WHY THEY TALK TO EACH OTHER, is to make themselves feel good about their mistake.
below the belt botch, below the belt. maybe.

so i was extremely tired this morning.. i couldn't sleep last night because i was scaring myself to shit.. i kept on thinking that the creaks in the floors were ghosts that wanted to eat me.. WHICH IS WHY I CANT LIVE ALONE PEOPLE! i'm accepting roommate applications! lol.. anyway, when i woke up i was EXTREMELY groggy.. kind of like the yoplait commercials, except instead of that reggae joint it was hip hop nation playing. so i wake up, and i'm brushing my teeth when i grab my lipstick.. which was on a shelf above the toilet.. my groggy self, knocks my toothbrush into the toilet.. there i stand, kind of dazed, with a mouth full of toothpaste looking at my toothbrush in the toilet.. and the only thing that escapes my foamy mouth is, "shit. that sucks".

THE IPAD! the ipad has to be the most gimmicky waste of money EVER. please do yourselves a fucking favor, and DO NOT get one.. ARE YOU PEOPLE AWARE OF THIS!? seriously, people only like shit cause it's new. people don't even take their time to think.. this piece of shit is an absolute waste of money.. it runs the same fucking OS as a FUCKING IPHONE! that should say enough. even that velcro+ipad video couldn't save this fucking thing. invest your money on shit that you will actually benefit from. not the shit that companies brainwash customers to think is ill na na. this world is dumb.. they ed hardy dumb.

ON THINGS THAT ARE NOT WACK.. i totally was mis-charged my pack of belmonts today, $7.76, when they're supposed to be $14.10!! fuck yeah son, fuck yeah son.. i totally didn't even notice til i left and saw my receipt. i was so tired this morning. still am actually, i'm trying to get hyped for talib tonight. WHAT?! you're going to see talib botcho!? i sure as the fuck am. ALSO.. nas is saying a lost tapes 2 and 3 might be coming our way soonskies.. FUCKFUCKFUCK YESSSSS!!!!!

ALSO, i've been asked for my song listing that i've used in may.. so here are the songs i used:

MAY 2010
kid cudi, chip - all talk
justice - DVNO
beastie boys, q-tip - get it together
lil wayne - single
usher - omg
trey songz - say ah
rampage, busta - wild for da night
fat joe - the shit is real
dj jazzy jeff - practice
consequence - let u live
usher - hey daddy
kid cudi - know why
timbaland - the way i am
beastie boys - you gotta fight
beastie boys - sabotage
travis mccoy - billionaire

i was on a big beastie boys tip last month. i currently have had distant relatives in my player since i bought it and haven't taken it out.. so a nas playlist is up. enjoy biatches.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that nas interview said too much for my dick to handle. I almost bust a nut in my pants. Nas giving props to J.cole? That's fucking big. Releasing a solo album this year - big. Preem and Nas together again? BIG.

I Was Here said...

Nas lover also :) love love "get lost between God & a shot of Scotch" peace&love

syntifik said...

#1: haha word, it is a lot to handle.. my jaw dropped like five times whilst watching it!!

#2: thanks!! i LOVE that you love nas. females that love nas should be recognized<3

Anonymous said...

did u get the toothbrush out the toilet? *shudder*

Anonymous said...

hehehe i love ur wednesday blogs. was the girl in the bathroom ur friend? and was that random stranger a boy?
and i totally agree with the teen moms thing. but who knows maybe babies actually have good side effects.
and my dads ipad is already dusty hehe.

Jheffrey P. said...

Lol stop hating and have babies already =D
And dude, you contradict yourself when you talk about teen moms when you don't have any experience either (do you???) haha but it's not like your giving these girls advice so never mind I just contradicted myself =/
Find your love: you don't like the video but you never said you didn't like the song. Haha you love Drake.
And don't worry about the creaks in your house, they're not ghosts. Probably just giant spiders or rats. Sweet dreams, bro!

Oh yeah, hows your Grandma doing??

Vison.Air.y said...

Hey thanx for the follow, ima def follow you too. dope blog ma ;)

syntifik said...

#1: i got it out with plastic gloves, and i almost puked while doing so.. there was nothing in the toilet but toilet water.. but still, it's toilet water !! lol..

#2: haha why thank you:) the girl in the bathroom was my friend, and yes the random stranger was a guy:( which i think makes it all worse! i dunno about babies being good side effects cuz i don't have one, but you could be right.
AND SEE, proof that the ipad should suffer death!

#3: SHUT UP JHEFF. i am trying to have no babies right now, thanks. i'm not contradicting if i say what i see?! and my grandma is still sick, but we're not sure with what yet.. high hoping! thanks for asking though, your caring is appreciated

#4: thank you so much! you have an amazing blog as well:)

beeePod said...

I reeeeeeeeeeeally hate the advice-giving without experience. Like when someone's been in a half-relationship and then suddenly they know anything and everything about relationships.

OMGG I've totally noticed the teen mom connection thing!!!

Ed Hardy dumb HAHAHA ... but I like Ed Hardy?
I'm totally kidding.

syntifik said...

hahaha i know i'm comical.
if i ever see you wearing ed hardy, i'm going to puke on you.. it's basically the same thing, except my puke is probably cuter.

Anonymous said...

really appreciate YOU -- thanks a lot!