Thursday, August 20, 2009


oh. my. goodness. i am. so. mother fucking. tired. right now.. i totally should be calling bonibelle, but i realized i said i would write an entry by tonight so here i am! look at that people, dedication. MOTHER FUCKING DEDICATION. i wrote that two nights ago, but due to my lack of fucking internet, i'm only able to post it now.. i know right! thank goodness for the automatic saving of drafts.. it wouldn't have been very much fun to re-type this thing out five billion times.. but it's here now! finally!
i figure these don't need as much descriptions as my other 25s, because they're visual~! i wanna say thanks for all input in helping me think of 25s, you have no idea how much that shit helped.. bitches!! i'll try and take all ideas i've been given and make a post with them.. it's been hard to blog when you don't have the internet.. ANYWAY!! i thought i'd show you some things that inspire/amuse/humour me.. aka, 25 youtube vids. holler to lize for the idea. esco, let's go.


25. my moms is down with the OPP.

24. "the people who don't feel this way.. they're robots!!" hahahahaha. i dunno about you, but the first time i watched this, i was blazed, and laughed for days. i just watched it again and it still makes me laugh! the ending is kind of lame, but everything between that is top notch.

23. possibly my favorite spoken word. i can only hope to reach this level one day. shihan could get it. this is honestly wifey material. "& i want a love that makes me regret how small my hands are, i mean, the lines on my palms don't give me enough time to love you as long as i'd like to-type-love.." ABSOLUTELY FUCKING AMAZING.

22. because the "fuck yeah bitch" made this video. my friends are great.

21. if you didn't know by now, i done known this girl since i was 13, we're pretty righteous.. and we take requests. if there's anything you'd like to see us perform, please holla, and i promise you we can arrange something.

20. one year ago, we stepped into the illest spot in the city. the hip hop was perfection, the crowd was chill, the staff was friendly and accommodating, and the drinks were non-stop. i hope i get this again one day.

19. YES!!!!!!

18. i LOVE ill doc!! he is the fucking man. i follow his vids religiously.. and i've seen all of them like 500 times each. this is my favorite by him. he's too fucking awesome.

17. hotbox, and this video.

16. if EVER, EVER i'm having a bad day, play this video for me.

15. this is literally one of the only lisa nova videos i truly dig. but i fucking love this vid.. she did it so well. "whos the lucky guy that gets to make out with this?!" hahaha fuck! i need this woman as my friend!

14. pork chop sandwiches !! oh shit.. get the fuck outta here, you stupid idiot! hahahahha. GI JOOOOOOOOOEEEEE.. you try and tell me you didn't laugh til your guts felt like they were gonna fall out your butt.

13. because keys n krates is possibly one of the sickest shows i have ever seen.. and because i'm so drunk in this video.. and because bianca is so down.. and because matisse is so chill.. and because this was one of the greatest nights, in life.

12. when i saw this video, i'm pretty sure i was like "FUCK YEAH." and everyone in the room just looked at me like i was crazy. obama is the man. no question.

11. this girl is hilarious, and deserves as much youtube fame as possible. subscribe her ass, she's the fucking best.

10. OH RICHARD. this video deserves 5 billion views. lol.. gotta love the berry!! i will NEVER get tired of this video.. lol.. WHY RICHARD WHY!?

9. fuck facebook.

8. !!!

7. so hot.. so. fucking. hot. i love bitches. bitches all day..!!
girl could get it too. fucking a.

6. if you watched this, tell me you did not fall in love with girl. someone commented on this vid and it said "she must give the best blow jobs." hahahaha. had me dying. she's fucking mint though.

5. anyone remember this guy from dr.jays?! hahaha.. back when dr jays was cool okay.. i am totally aware of how homo dr. jays is.. but i clearly remember maribeth and i making fun of this dude on dr jays.. he was too matchy.. but apparently now, he's getting all this hype on how dope his style is.. it's kinda hype beast, BUT i watched his videos, and some times dude can be a comedian. this vid made it onto the 25's because of "wanna come chill at my pad?! is that funny?! thanks." ahhaha

4. "the next day my alarm goes off and i.."

3. did you see that gangster throw a napkin?! lol chill out dude, you're not that fucking cool.

2. possibly one of the coolest things ever !! i almost wanted to cry at the end of it because of its awesomeness.

1. because they did such a crazy job!!!!!

well today was awkward..!! certainly wasn't expecting that! but ima keep dancing cuz life is grand! tip-top-sugar-plums-rainbows-butterflies-glitter-sparkles-unicorns and a smile for the morning!! 1!


Anonymous said...

Honestly. Saul Williams is the king. And I think that if you lived in Toronto, you and I would be best friends and we would kick it everyday.

syntifik said...

i love anonymous friends! but just so you're aware, being my friend entails the commitment of following through with stupid dares.. like standing in your underwear at dundas square for four hours.. during lunch time!

but if you're game..

Anonymous said...

That sounds pretty badass. A few shots later and I'm game. Just cuz.

syntifik said...

well then spit on your hand and grasp mine and let's be spit brothers son!

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