Monday, July 27, 2009


THAT PARTY LAST NIGHT WAS OFF THE CRAZY, & I WISH WE TAPED IT.. i danced my ass off and high fived complete strangers.. well okay, so it was kinda/sorta dead, but the music was ill na na and the dranks were cheap.. and $120 later i was realizing just how fucking great some redbull and vodka with black moon playing can be.. i'll admit, some very essential hip hop verses were cut.. but damn! hip hop, even snippets, are life. i need it. yo. waddup blogging world. i been slacking, i know..

i don't really keep up with this shit, and i wanna say "shit, it's not my fault, i'm busy." but really, i ain't that fucking busy. i just slack some times. i've missed a few fridays, where i haven't been able to make my goals and shit. yeah, i don't wanna do that anymore, at least not every friday. looking for a consistent blog?! LOOK ELSEWHERE. hahaha. WAIT! not completely. i'm still gonna finish my 25's. aaandd this post will be, 25 pictures from the beach (july 18th, jay's birthday)! HAHAHA. i know. that's kind of cheating.. but wait! lemme finish fuck! i haven't really slept yet, and i had a really long night, plus i need to get these pictures out of the way, so i'm gonna post these, and then LATER ON TONIGHT, i will post another 25, a more accepted one. TWO 25's in one day. even if one's kinda cheating, consider that my fucking gift for strayin away from the cyber world for a hot minute.. so here, my next 25! LOL fuck i'm blasted.


1. i might as well write descriptions so it's more work for me and not a complete cheat. WADDUP. this is bonibelle, with the handsomest baby on the beach.

2. i don't know what i was smiling about, but by the judge of that pansy ass expression, it was probably of something homo.. and that thought was transmitted to my brain through bonibelle.

3. her name is maribeth.. and she likes sample sales.

4. okay. center of the picture. the little boy. that's ALL this picture is supposed to be off. it's hard to have a central point when your zoom doesn't reach what you want it to reach.. but seriously, dude was like 7, wearing the HUGEST helmet in life. it literally looked like it was weighing him down. i waited for him to fall over, it didn't happen.

5. her name is bianca, and she is king of the coolers.

6. as much as it may seem we torture lucid, this baby tortures us way more. believe me!

7. i know.. i know..

8. .. i look better in real life.

9. so lucid kept throwing sand at our faces, baby or not, little dude has an arm. so we wiped the sand from our eyes and got revenge. babies can not move in sand if they don't know how to dig. he was not havin that.....!! hahaha. baby lovahs look away!

10. cmon it's not like we left him there..

11. he is after all still a baby..


13. so fucking good.

14. yeah.. we might have had too much fun with this

15. so funny in real life, omg.. buy one!

16. she's not just lucid's mommy! she's ours too:)

17. OH MY COPPERTONE BABY! i wanna eat yo face!

18. TWO JESSICAS AND A BONER. hahahahahahhahaaa

19. this is tri. he was not fond of the whole botcho taking pictures type thing, so he decided to get away from my pictures, by running..

20. which didn't really work out for him.. because i'm stealthy.

21. all i wanted was one picture with a nice back drop.

22. i got it.

23. dear empty private beach, i love you.

24. dear long ass hike and 40 billion mosquitoes, i hate you.

25. DEAR BROKEN ASS CAMERA SHUTTER, FUCK YOU! please donate to my camera fund, i take american express, visa and mastercard, anything helps! HAHAHA.

so thazz it.. i'll be back with my real 25 and some more bloggin later bitches.. and i'll have you know if you think this was a half ass post, you can suck my dick. i took an hour to do it.. just sayin!

p.s. jason au, i waited for you. end.


kanJay Chedda said...

haha fuck off botcho, there was nothing good to get anyways...AND you could have just came in, i would have hooked you up.

syntifik said...

OHHH.. i shoulda asked for you to take some pics or something for me!! you know i have a berry, if you ever wanna contact me. it's cool man, it's cool. just hit me up.. any time..

Maribeth said...

13. Like I'm cool or somthaaaaang. lol.

great pictures. love the colors! so vivid!

so where was this party? and why was i not invited? i miss ya already sheeesha!

Maribeth said...

13. Like I'm cool or somthaaaaang. lol.

great pictures. love the colors! so vivid!

so where was this party? and why was i not invited? i miss ya already sheeesha!

syntifik said...

hahaha i dunno why you werent invited, wanna go to alive tonight?! but sames niggas sames. i miss you too.