Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Isn't Google funny? It's absolutely crazy to me that in this day and age, we refer to a search engine for EVERYTHING. Seriously, everything. I don't even remember what life was like using an actual map, or trying a restaurant before a review. How did we find out about albums?! It's all so hazy.

There are however, also the times you're drunk with your friends, the vodka has gotten to all of your heads, you're at some Chinese restaurant at 4am, post-party, and someone says "Yo, google 'dwarf bunnies' for a sec.". That's where this idea derived from. That, and the utter fear of my Google history being read out loud one day. I need to beat the odds and embarrass myself before someone else does it.

I'm keeping a log of everything I Google from here on in. I don't plan on giving any explanation, because I think initial reaction will prove to be quite comedic, however, if you really want to know, ask. I'll most certainly tell the story. So, with that said, as of late, here's some stuff I Google'd:

- Pablo Escobar
- racketeering
- Atmosphere question that lyrics
- puck bunny
- seven deadly sins
- how did they make nicholson smile joker
- what is professional biking called fast
- the inventor of straws
- can dogs get STDs
- songs to sex to
- dwarf bunnies
- tennis riot
- golf riot
- David Fustino
- Marschino cherries
- stature


pie said...

I had to google "can dogs get STDs" after reading this!!

Some recent notables on my (drunk) google list include:
-dolphins raping people
-finnish axes
-canadian bats
-do diamond blades cut flesh

There are just so many things to learn...

syntifik said...

HAHA! I love you! Drunk google times are the best. Your list is pretty phenom yourself. I wish we hung out :( lol

Anonymous said...

That my fav atmosphere song... Btw I love your blog but I think you get that a lot anyways cheers mate

syntifik said...

<3 Thanks love! It's my fave atmosphere song too. I google the lyrics at least once every couple months. Xoxo!